Bushy Park

Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park, London, England
A 50-minute train ride from Central London brings you to the second largest of London's Royal Parks - Bushy Park, with magical gardens and where deers roam free.

One of the best things about living in London is the numerous parks and gardens that you can visit for free – where one can go for a walk, a picnic or just about any outdoor activity that you fancy. 

In our area alone, there are two Royal Parks right at my doorstep – Richmond Park which is the biggest of them all and Bushy Park which is the second biggest. Both are walking distance from where I live and because of its size, I can go there numerous times and still discover something new. 

Bushy Park, London, England

That’s exactly what my recent visit to Bushy Park was for, to explore more of it specially the Woodland Gardens inside it. Everytime I go there, we merely pass through it on our way to a riverside pub. Lol. I’ve never really explored it as much as I should have until last week. 

I met my friend M and her adorable daughter T who lives right across Bushy Park (lucky) last week and they gave me a tour of the garden. T was a delight to walk with, she squeals in excitement at almost every single thing she sees which makes me excited too! A leaf! A small flower! A log! A deer! A rabbit! My favourite line of hers was “there’s a magical place over there!” as she drags us towards it to show us. Oh to be a kid again.

Wild rabbit in Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park, London, England
Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park, London, England

She climbed every. single. logs. that we passed by, I don’t ever remember myself climbing logs nor trees when I was a kid. I’m not sure if it’s because I was afraid to fall and hurt myself or if it’s because my parents were too strict and never allowed me. I love how my friend M encouraged T though to explore on her own and figure out how to climb and come back down from the trees and logs that she was on. 

DID YOU KNOW? During the First World War, Bushy Park was the home of Canadian Convalescents. The Canadian tie of Bushy Park was commemorated with a Totem Pole and the Canadian Glade in the Waterhouse Woodland Gardens.

Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park, London, England

My favourite part of Bushy Park is definitely the Woodland Gardens. I’ve seen it numerous times on my instagram feed and have always felt guilty for not seeing it in person yet when it’s so close to me. It’s a well-maintaned garden with a cafe, paths to explore, plantations, ponds and numerous logs and trees to climb on for T. It is indeed magical. 

There’s also the Upper Lodge Water Gardens with Baroque-style collection of pools and cascades. I haven’t really explored it as much as I wanted to, I’ll definitely return because it’s too photogenic to miss. 

Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park, London, England

DID YOU KNOW? During the Second World War, Bushy Park was the headquarters to a number of Allied Departments and it is where Eisenhower planned the D-Day.

Our walk lasted for 2.5 hours and we only explored just a tiny portion of Bushy Park. It was well worth the aching legs and muscles the next day. 🙂

Woodland Gardens, Bushy Park, London, England

Bushy Park is accessible to the public for free, it’s open 24 hours a day and the nearest train stations are Hampton Wick, Hampton Court or Teddington. 

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Bushy Park, London, England

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    It’s beautiful. Stay safe!

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