Enjoy The Views From The Broadway Tower

The Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, Cotswold, England
The 65ft Broadway Tower sits atop Broadway Hill, 1,024 above sea level making it the second highest point of the Cotswolds. It offers commanding views of 16 counties from its viewpoint.

I must admit that at this point, I was already quite villaged-out which I’ve already expected to happen. That’s why I was careful which Cotswold villages to include in our itinerary and even though I know that we’re surrounded by so many of them, I only handpicked a few so we won’t get too tired of it.

Broadway, Cotswold, England

On our way to Broadway Tower from Snowshill, we passed through Broadway village.  I was tempted to get down and explore it but as we couldn’t find a parking spot we decided to just drive past it. Now I do feel a bit guilty that I didn’t explore it but I know that it was the right decision because I was already feeling tired at that point. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much so we drove straight to Broadway Tower.

Broadway, Cotswold, England

Broadway Tower is the Cotswold’s highest castle and has become an iconic landmark. It’s a family-owned estate within a 50-acre parkland. The viewpoint offers a dramatic and sweeping view of the villages around.

The Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, Cotswold, England

I was planning to go inside the tower itself which houses exhibitions depicting the history of the castle however, there was quite a long queue of people and also – I forgot my mask in the car and I was too lazy to go and get it. :p

There’s a circular walk that you can follow around the estate which you could complete in about 30 minutes passing through the Deer Park, the barn, the cafe, the War Memorial and of course the tower. They highly recommend wearing proper shoes if you do decide to walk around the estate especially when it’s raining as it could get muddy and slippery.

The Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, Cotswold, England

You can also have a pinic in some parts of the estate or you can opt to dine al fresco at the cafe if you can’t be bothered to pack your own food. :p

There’s a parking fee of £3.00 which you could pay by cash directly to the staff or by card at the cafe. We didn’t stay very long as it was a bit windy and quite frankly, I just wanted to sit inside the car at that point. Lol. I know, I was a bad traveler then.

The Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, Cotswold, England

Broadway Tower

Worcestershire, Cotswolds WR12 7LB

Note: Google Maps brought us initially to take a left turn in a random dead-end road when I’ve put Broadway Tower. The actual tower itself is only a few seconds drive from that turn. It might be better to put in the postcode. Toilets are available by the cafe and there are also quite a lot of other parking spaces in that area. 

For more information, visit their website here.

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The Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, Cotswold, England

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  • Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels October 21, 2020 at 13:56

    what a lovely tower and great views

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