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June 27, 2012

I have been silent for the past few days, literally and figuratively speaking. I’ve been busy what with the peak season at its height, that point in time when everyone wants to get out of Dubai. That’s everyone except us, the cursed few who are working in the travel industry. I actually like it better, the peak season. I like it when I’m busy and when I get to finalize huge sales. Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to go to work for the past few days now. I know right??? I can’t believe it either. Well, it’s just a matter of time when I will have to sulk again and whine about my miserable and mundane life.

Anyhoots, two days ago I lost my voice. It started as a simple dryness of the throat in the morning and as the day draws to an end, my voice seem to do the same thing – ending itself. By 5pm, I wince in pain whenever I swallow and it’s quite a torture for me to speak. I found this at the grocery on my way home:

Well you see, I may not be a homemaker nor am I a housewife material and I may lack that motherly instinct – but I sure am not that dumb to figure out that that tea right there combined with honey is the best home remedy for me. Well dear friends, I am not mistaken. The tea did wonders for my throat though I don’t really like the ginger-y taste in it but that’s the only thing I can swallow which relieves the pain in my throat so I have no other choice but to suck it up and drink it up. I took some paracetamol in the evening after finishing the tea and I slept like a baby. The next morning, although my throat isn’t that sore anymore it was still very dry and I was having a slight fever as well. So before drinking and eating anything for the day, I took one spoonful of honey thinking that it will somehow lubricate my throat – well it did and I immediately felt relieved afterwards. I didn’t go to work that day, I stayed at home and all I did was to take a spoonful of honey, drink the lemon and ginger tea with honey, gargle with lukewarm water with a hint of salt and sleep. Voila! The very next day, I was cured! Well ok, the throat was still a bit dry in the morning but it got better in the afternoon. Apart from the paracetamol which I only took for me to be able to sleep well, I didn’t take any medications other than the tea, honey and lukewarm water with salt.

Well, that is a milestone for me. Why? Because that’s the closest I can get to being a homemaker I suppose. 🙂

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