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braving the heat

August 15, 2008

so we (DenDen and me sans MonMon) finally braved the heat of dubai and went to the al fresco bar of madinat – BARZAR to spend the weekend night to catch up. and on this august heat of dubai – it really isn’t “fresco” at all. we ordered nachos, vodka/sprite for me and bacardi/coke for DenDen and spent some 3hours outside the bar ‘coz there were just too many people in it. the heat was at first tolerable but as you stay out longer – you start to melt. i can feel the sweat trickling down my neck, back and my arms’ starting to get damp. woo hoo!!!! first summer in Dubai – not a very good experience. haha. i was wearing the dress chubby gave me from bangkok, the cloth of the dress is very much conducive to wear on a hot summer nights like these. by the end of the night, i swear it was soaked with my sweat. hahaha. sweating and all, we still had our pictures taken around this picturesque place – Madinat and found some more photo-worthy corners that we never knew existed before. after all the pictures taken, we both had a need to shake our booties so we decided to go to jambase just to find out that at 1 in the morning there will still be a long queue to get inside plus an entrance fee. so no way am going to pay for a hundred dirhams or so for just 2 hours of booty shaking before they close the bar. so we finally called it a night, ’twas a pretty laidback night – a totally different yet welcome experience for both of us.


we were approached by a guy (English nontheless) and started a quick chat. for the very first time in all the 11months of my stay here in Dubai, somebody actually thought that i am a filipino. I always get the Indonesian/Singaporean comments but for that night, DenDen got it. Hehe. He was quite entertaining with lots of fearless, spontaneous comments about Dubai and its people. He even trashed talked the service of Emirates cabin crews upon knowing that i work for the same company. He just plainly said – “Emirates has the worst service, the worst!” and for no particular reason, i was not bothered at all about it. maybe in the way he delivered the comment in a comical way – i found it amusing. But this specific part of our conversation totally floored me and had me laughing out loud 

English guy: I say, not accept any other Asian nationalities here in Dubai except for Filipinos (yes, that’s how fearless he is with his comments – do take note that we were swamped with all the asian nationalities in that place, good that nobody cared to listen to our conversation). am a big fan of the Philippines, i really love Filipinos. (and he was saying this with much enthusiasm)

Mi: Yeah? have you ever been to the Philippines?

English guy: No, not yet.


ANYWAY….. went home afterwards feeling like i have just lost 2 pounds from all the sweat that i have produced the whole night.

yuck na yuck ang feeling. hahahaha.

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