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October 3, 2008

I have not written for so long. Sorry, just didn’t have the time to write. Am still in Manila and people who have missed me so are taking much of my time. For what it’s worth, I never really knew how much I missed the Philippines, my family and my friends ’till I came back here. I was blundered by the hyper-activeness of Dubai. Can you believe that it’s been a year already? Time flies so fast in Dubai that if you don’t pay attention, moments will just pass by in a blink of an eye. As the date of my departure draws near, I am saddened once again. I only have 2 whole days left and am trying to squeeze into what little time I have to meet and be with all of my friends. Am a very friendly and likeable person, it wouldn’t be so hard for anybody to imagine that I have loads of friends. Hehehe. In all the companies I have worked for, in all the trainings that I have gone to, in all the schools I’ve attended to – I have somehow developed a friendship to selected people – to whom I remain in touch with until now and who are all pestering me to meet up with them. A friend once said, you (referring to me) are the kind of person who can go inside a room full of people you don’t know and come out of it after 3 hours with a group of people who are trodding alongside you who will eventually become part of your growing list of friends. 

Anyway, I will miss everybody and leaving this hell-hole will be once again hard for me. Am an over acting drama queen so sue me. Can I just wake up one day and am already in Dubai? Spare me the departure at the airport scene.


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