Bonjourno Italia!

By the time this entry gets posted, I’m probably snoring my way to Rome after making the most of the free drinks offered at the business class cabin. Don’t you just love business trips?

Italian passenger: Why are you going to Italy at this time? It’s cold! Is it for a holiday?
Me: No, it’s actually a business trip.
Italian passenger: Oh! Whereabouts in Italy?
Me: Rome, Venice and Florence
Italian passenger: Hmmm it doesn’t sound like a business trip at all to me.

Well my passenger was right, it’s not a business trip but it’s paid for by the company so it still is a business trip technically. The trip was sponsored by Trafalgar Tours, the leading travel provider for escorted tours around Europe, the Americas, Africa, South Pacific, and Asia. Unlike what your normal travel agent can do, Trafalgar gives you a set itinerary and provides you with everything you need while on the trip – hotel accommodations, local tours, meals and unique local experiences. You’ll just need to pay for it (in advance to get a good rate), pack your bags and let your tour director do everything for you. There are two kinds of Trafalgar tours though, one deals only with three star properties (for the travelers within a budget) and one deals with four and five star properties (for travelers with lots of moolah to splurge) – I am going to take the latter (not that I’m paying for it hehehe). Rest assure that all of the hotels that they deal with are centrally located and are of good condition. 🙂

It’s a pity though because the trip that I’m going to take is for Rome, Venice and Florence – the three places in Italy that I’ve already been in. But hey! Who am I to decline such a sweet offer of going back to Italy with all my expenses paid by the company? 🙂 Add to it the fact that I went to Rome and Florence all by my sorry self and was not able to take a lot of photos. I really hope though that I won’t get sick during the trip (being rainy and cold these days in Italy) as I wasn’t on my tip top shape for the past 3 days now.:( Well I packed my first aid kit along with me, just in case.

So I guess I’ll bombard you all with photos of my trip on my next entry.



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