Birthday Lunch at Sexy Fish

Sexy Fish, London
It was a surprise birthday meal from The Greek Mister, was impressed that he chose Sexy Fish as it's been in my list of restaurants to try in London for a long time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you won’t be able to visit all of what London has to offer in one lifetime alone. There are just way too many places to go to and explore and it seems to me like there’s something new every month. I’ve had Sexy Fish in my “restaurants to try in London” list for so long that somehow, I’ve forgotten all about it because I kept adding more and more restaurants in the list. The Greek Mister surprised me with a birthday lunch there though so I asked him how he found out about it as it’s normally usually me who arranges our rare date nights/brunch. “I saw a website with a list of top 5 Asian restaurants to try in London and we’ve already been to 4 except for this one” was his response. I have to say that I was very impressed with his choice and how he found out about it. Lol.

Sexy Fish, London
Sexy Fish, London

It was a rainy October autumn day but we braved the tourist-flocked London on a weekend for this special celebration – it’s for my birthday after all. Sexy Fish was buzzing when we arrived, filled with serial brunchers and some tourists (I can now tell if someone’s a tourist in London lol). I had Sexy Fish in my list of restaurants to try for their seafood platter but for whatever reason, I started craving for some sushi when we arrived. It’s most probably because the table next to ours had a huge array of sushi and maki on their table which made me salivate immediately. We ordered a few tapas-style dishes and loads of sushi.

Sexy Fish, London

We had 4 dishes of tapas from their Kuikku menu and 5 plates of maki. Everything was made to perfection but I’ll have to make a special mention to the grilled tiger prawns which was soooo fresh but the highlight of our meal is definitely and absolutely the smoked eel and foie gras maki.

Sexy Fish, London
Sexy Fish, London

I know, I know – I’m not supposed to eat foie gras. I feel like it should be banned here in London as well just like what they did in New York because everytime I see foie gras on the menu, I immediately had to order it. The combination of smoked eel and foie gras was amazing though, I thought that either of the two will overpower the other’s taste but this maki was expertly done that you’ll be able to savour both its flavours in one bite. Ahhhhh I can taste it now as I write this blog post.

Sexy Fish, London

One thing I didn’t like about my Sexy Fish experience was the service. Our server was knowledgeable and attentive but there was something so off about him. He actually stressed me out and made me eat faster than normal because he was always asking us if we’re done. We would have stayed longer and ordered a few more drinks if not for the fact that he was all over our table all the time stressing us out. That’s a tiny aspect of our overall experience though that I’m willing to overlook. The great meal we had was far more important, I shall be back

Sexy Fish, London, England


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