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September 6, 2010

as a travel agent, the best words to hear from a passenger after saying “i’m very sorry to keep you waiting” is:

it’s ok, you’re understaffed. it’s not your fault. i admire you for keeping a calm head while dealing with that bitch..

that is as per my american passenger who kept everything short and simple for me while i change his ticket to JFK and he was referring to one really crazy lady who thinks i'm her slave. it's always nice to have someone recognize the workload that you have to deal with every single day (not to mention the stress of handling extraordinary passengers who's mad at the whole world and blames it to us, travel agents on a daily basis) and those words coming from a client is a perfect stress-reliever.

after dealing with him and because he kept everything short, simple and easy for me – i had a renewed energy to deal with the other 10 passengers waiting to be attended to while i have 30mins left before my shift ends.

gladly, i was able to attend to all of them in time for me to catch the company bus.

tired. stressed. haggard. sleepy. hungry.

tapsilog as soon as i got home (my first and only meal for the day at 6:30pm).

i really need the eid holiday break! please let the outlet be closed!

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