Being a Travel Agent

Being a travel agent

February 11, 2009

I really don’t like it when passengers get extra-friendly on me thinking that by doing so i will give them discounted prices on airfares. If this happens to be the case, i will stand firm on my ground not to give discount.
I also don’t like it when people think we get commissions from all the tickets we sell. How i wish that that is the case. We’re not allowed to get commissions from our passengers moreso accepting tips for services rendered is considered a horrendous crime in our company.
I definitely hate it as well when someone, upon seeing me walking around in my uniform will ask me for rates in just about every place they can think of. When am in a good mood i will answer their questions but if you caught me in a very bad one, expect some smart ass comments.
e.g. just 10mins earlier, i was walking towards the toilet when this guy approached me and started bombarding questions while am trying to hold my pee.

For the benefit of all, the following is translated to English.
Guy: hi! Are you working for (insert name of company here)?

Mi: yes

Guy: how much is the fare going to Manila these days?

Mi: AED2770 via emirates valid until March.

Guy: how about june?

Mi: AED4270

Guy: the fare on the internet is cheaper

Mi: yeah, fares are cheaper online

Guy: but i don’t have a credit card, can you book me a flight on june 16-july16?

Mi: I would if i have my computer with me, but am going to the toilet as you can see. Would it be too much for me to ask for you to drop by at our office and do the reservation there? It’s just a minute walk from here.

Guy: sure!

On the phone…

Mi: Good afternoon! This is Noemi, how may i help you?

Pax: hello, i already bought a ticket from you and i would just like to book my seat, is that possible?

Mi: sure, do you have the booking reference with you right now?

Pax: yes, it’s ji-4i-ey-hech-ti

Mi: am sorry can you double check if i got it right? That’s ji for Golf?

Pax: no, ji for japan.

Mi: ok. Then the number 4?

Pax: yes

Mi: ey for alpha?

Pax: what?

Mi: ey for Apple?

Pax: no, ey for elephant.

Mi: ok… hech for hotel?

Pax: no, hech! Hech like….. like…

Mi: hotel?

Pax: no, no, no like x-men

Mi: oh! Ok, x for x-ray.

Pax: no, x-men.

Mi: alright, x for x-men. Then t for tango?

Pax: yes, t for tango.

(she really made my day)
Just got an email from support services that our company will be the official partner of Allegria’s Cirque du Soleil happening on March at Ibn Batuta Mall. Am wondering if we can have free tickets for this show? Hehehe. I have seen them perform once in Manila and I was amazed and awed by such remarkable talents. But of course, ballet will still be my first love. 😉 And speaking of ballet, i will probably start my class next week. Twice a week of body contortion at the ballet centre in Jumeira – woo hoo!!!!! So exciting!

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