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Been there, Done that, I quit!

June 18, 2011

So yesterday, a friend sent me a message to go out as soon as I’ve received an invitation from a reputable club here in Dubai about their closing Foam party (with Bunny girls nonetheless, because Dubai is so cool like that). Apparently, the friend received the same invitation and would want to drag me to the event and color it red. Well you see, if I was still my normal self (the party freak who would go out with friends even on a school night weekday), I’d be the one sending the invites to all the names on my phone’s address book BUT I’m a changed woman. I can’t really say if it’s for the good or the bad – I’d probably say it’s neither, it’s just that I got tired of the clubbing scene already.

What do you get after clubbing?
* money wasted on booze and cab fare
* a bad headache the next day
* aching leg muscles for dancing all night long in your 3-inch stiletto shoes
* hair which smells like ash tray for being inside an enclosed room with everybody puffing out their cigarette smoke
* bathroom floor with your vomit all over it
* bathroom door knob with your vomit all over it
* a trail of vomit from your room to the bathroom
* extra unfocused mind which won’t be able to find the right excuse to call in sick for the day so you end up going to work with all the above things with you. Hopefully, you don’t smell like vomit.

Yes of course, I’ve had fun. Loads of it when I was just a phone call away from my friends who were all party freaks like I was BUT I am in that stage now that I’d rather not waste my energy and money on something which would bring me to a euphoric state for about 4 hours and then lose all that as quickly as it has come. Call me a future spinster or whatever but nowadays, I would rather sit on a comfortable sofa sipping my heineken shandy with a soft sound of music on the background (so soft that you wouldn’t need to scream at each other’s ears while you try to say something) surrounded with “real” friends (real ones are hard to find here in Dubai, trust me I know) discussing about global warming, the holocaust and civil war. You know, the usual topics you and your very intellectual friends discuss about over a glass of beer. Then when you’ve finished a glass or two maybe even three, you bid farewell to your friends with just a little buzz inside your head enough for you to get a good and long sleep while you wake up fresh and energized the next morning for work.

I was one of the many who have associated getting drunk to having a good time. I might have already outgrown that or maybe I got smarter to realize that it’s not the amount of alcohol, it’s the laughter that you had with the company that you’re with which defines whether or not you had a good time.

So I am one girl less from the clubbing scene of Dubai (not that it matters).

I'm breaking up with that glass of bullfrog!

Disclaimer: The ideas of this blog will not apply on my birthday because I will DEFINITELY have a party then. 🙂

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