it’s been a long time, work has eaten my head up for the past few days and could not find the time to write something. my mind is functioning slower than its usual speed after burning half of it at work during the day. and oh! i’m doing the evening shift again for this month and the next. what a bummer! i hate evening shift, why? because i feel jealous with my colleagues who are leaving at 4 freaking 30 when i haven’t even done half of my work day (i start work at 130).

so work, as mentioned is getting really busy nowadays. which is good, means the business is doing well and we can have a 65% assurance now that the company will not slash their employees. yes, i am still gripping the bars during these times – the crisis. i mean nobody knows anymore if your job is secured or not.

anyhows, i have enrolled myself for a driving lesson and will start next tuesday. the fee was AED3700 with Galadari. so goodbye AED3700, hello poorer-than-a-rat-state-of-life. i need to get a license, so i can get a car and so i can live in sharjah with a very cheap house rent. tee hee. ok, well not exactly sharjah but you know what i mean. maybe ajman. 😀

i’m going home to attend a wedding on may 12-15. and oh my gulay, i have never set foot in the philippine soil for 1 year and 5 months now. i wonder if my dogs still know me? woof woof!

the boyfriend is still here in the UAE and hopefully he stays longer. it was his birthday 2 weeks ago and gave him a gift of an F1 driving experience at the dubai autodrome which was booked for next week. me and my friends are all going for a go-kart racing while we’re at it. woo hoo!!! i can’t wait! i’ve always wanted to go karting.

and oh! are we going to have a bonus this year?????

i promise i will try to make sense on my next entry. just want to keep the ball rolling… 🙁


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