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Barca at the Palm Jumeira

March 26, 2011

In pursuit of finding the perfect Spanish restaurant which will serve me the best paella, I dragged the boyfriend to Palm Jumeira to have dinner at Barca club. One thing I don’t like about the restaurants at Palm Jumeirah – they’re almost always deserted, all of them. I think the only non-deserted restaurant I’ve been to at the Palm is Bidibondi during the world cup fever – having said that, a security came to the club that night and told the manager to shut the people up as we’re too loud. It’s the world cup for crying out loud – did they really expect the “Mexican” fans to be all passive about it?

photo from timeoutdubai.com

Anyway, so much for the luxurious apartment strip of the Palm Jumeirah as noone seems to like the idea of traveling all the way to the Palm and getting themselves into an almost empty club – except for us. Well, in all fairness to Barca their outdoor bar by the pool was flanked by British men – all drunk I suppose and there was also a birthday party going on at the other end of the bar. So there were people, so to speak.

We ordered bruschetta as an appetizer and as a main course, i ordered paella while the boyfriend ordered seafood grill. I found it odd that they served the paella on a plate, normally paellas will be served in a pan or a wooden bowl much like a sizzler. Anyway, I liked the paella for the first few tries but as soon as I tasted its “citrusy” flavor (because of the lemon which up until now i’ve no idea if that was really supposed to be there since most of the spanish restaurants here cook their paella with lemon in it) I decided it’s not good at all. There were also not much of seafood meat going on in my paella, all it had was probably 3 mussels, bits of fish and 3 shrimps. If not for the shrimp which was delicious, I might have thrown a tantrum that night for not getting “fully” satisfied. The boyfriend enjoyed his seafood kebabs on the other hand.

When the waitress came, she asked how my food was – to which i replied, it was ok (just to be respectful as it wasn’t her fault that the paella was bad) and then she retorted back at me: “The paella isn’t good here, you shouldn’t have ordered it. The seafood kebabs is really good though.” Wow! That’s a rather late advise. Although this might be taken negatively by some people, I took it really well that she was honest about it. Well, in this case – I might go back there and ask the “honest” waitress what else can she recommend out of the vast choices they have on their menu.

I used my entertainer voucher and saved AED84 out of the total bill.

Total Entertainer voucher savings: AED690.00

Note: We ate at Benihana a week before this and saved AED140 there, I just couldn’t do another review for Benihana as it was the same as previous experience – superb!

oh and by the way! I got an upset stomach after our Barca meal. 🙁 Well, I’m not sure if I got food-poisoned or maybe I just really ate too much that day. oh well!

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