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Back in Dubai

October 10, 2008

at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport,

– was fighting back the tears. i can’t cry again, no more waterworks. So instead of sulking for the fact that am leaving home again, i had to take my mind off of it. And what better way to do it than having a whole body massage just before i board the plane. And it’s a recommendable thing to do – the massage parlor is located at the airport’s 3rd floor. we call that part of the airport “hariraya” when i was still working for an airline as a ground stewardess plainly because the hariraya restaurant is there. so well anyway, if you all happen to be at that airport (the old international airport) you just have to try it. the massage is great! not at all bad.

on board the plane…

manila dubai flight that day was wide open. as soon as the seatbelt light was turned off, i went to the middle 4-seaters and occupied 3 seats by lying on it. i didn’t even asked the guy sitting at the 4th seat if it’s ok for him if i transfer on that area and take all those three seats. well, it’s ok to be selfish sometimes. i guess….

back in Dubai…..

i had a whole day for myself in dubai before i go back to work. and that whole day was spent meeting up with friends and giving them the presents from back home. oftentimes, they asked for the famous polvoron of goldilocks (goldilocks issued a disclaimer that the milk powder they use on their polvoron is a new zealand product, not china. so no milk-scare there. hehehe). went to have my nails done in dragonfly spa inside fitness first in burjuman. the manicure and pedicure they offer is 10dirhams more than that of n-bar, but my nails are no longer brittle eversince i started having my nails done with them. so once again, i recommend dragonfly spa for manicure and pedicure (and for waxing as well). i am no celebrity so i really don’t care if you do take my recommendations. haha.

back in Dubai club scene….

after going to the reception of my flatmate’s baby’s christening i headed to madinat to meet the girls i sure did miss – denden and monmon. went to jambase which now have a 60dirhams entrance fee on thursdays and fridays with one free drink. it was a senior citizen night that night, i suppose. haha! sorry guys, but it was flanked with people whose wrinkles’ very distinct. i wonder what happened in jambase and add to it the fact that they have changed the band. huhuhuhu. the band which is the sole reason why we keep on going back to the place. so we decided to go to the next best thing (which may just be the “best” to top our list now that jambase’s flavor is sour to our taste) chi/the lodge. but the queue for the taxi was just too long, so we all decided to do the smartest thing to do – stay in madinat if we don’t want to pay for anymore entrance fees. haha! we’re all cheap asses, so sue us.

before heading back to jambase, we first had to do a detour and see what left bank has in store for us. it was crowded with people in ties. very very, corporate? hahaha. am talking shit. after sometime we headed to the neighboring club – trader vic’s which is very….. hmmmm…. crowded and latino-ish. (is there such a word?) so, no other choice but to go back to jambase and embrace the new york, new york singing band. even the music played after the band was shitty. who in their right mind would play “upside down” in a club? i knew it the first second i stepped my foot inside that it was a senior citizen night. after dancing our blues away we headed to barzar which was amazingly packed with people. so instead, we ended up sitting at the wooden chair just outside barzar and made fun of people passing by in front of us. yeah, we’re all bullies and decided that night that lots of people in dubai are fashionably challenged. hehehehe.

ended the night at around 2am. gave the girls my present to them which was not “boy bawang” as what monmon claimed it to be. so we have to find a new “it” place in dubai now that jambase is no longer “the one”.

and that’s my story for the past 5 days…..

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    Can you tell me where i can find this polvoran in dubai.I love it and cant find it in stores here

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