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May 17, 2008

If this ain’t awkward, then tell me what is…

You see someone you dated before with a new date while you’re on a date.


In your mind you’re thinking – wtf??? how small is this playground anyway? You’re thinking of two options:

1. Go up to the person and say hi. Exchange the how are you’s and then say bye.
2. Don’t bother saying hi as you don’t want to be an intruder of their night. Ignore the person the whole evening.

I chose the latter which is the same option the other person chose. It would have been a good choice if not for the fact that the other person is just 3 steps away from you. And it’s a total hypocricity if you’ll say “oh sorry, i didn’t see you” just if the other person decided to take the 1st option.

So I sent him a message just to kill the awkwardness:

“Good dancing hey!”

Reply was:

“Thanks babe!”

– end of discussion –

Well, at least with those simple messages, we somehow acknowledged each other’s presence and impartly saying that we’re cool about it. Yalla! The night goes on…..

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