Awaken Your Senses in Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

This trip made me realize how very in-sync The Greek Mister and myself are to each other. For this holiday, he was the one in command and I gladly took the role of a happy tourist as he created the whole itinerary and made decisions of places to include in this trip. Everyday, he would take me to a new place, something that he thinks I would like based on my personality and based on my traveling style. Each places were spot on, the exact places I would’ve included if I did the itinerary myself.

It’s no different when he made a decision of choosing our accommodation in Pelion – a family-run hotel/apartment called Maria Rooms. More than the perfect choice of the accommodation itself, it was the location which I loved the most – right in front of Agios Ioannis beach – a place which I would say as the center of Pelion for being the liveliest of all the places we’ve visited. And a place which will definitely awaken all your senses.

The Sound.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

I don’t know any better way of waking up in the morning to the sound of the waves as it crashes through the pebbly shore of a beach just in front of your room. It is the same sound which lulls you to sleep in the evening, a gentle lullabye to import you into a deep sleep after a day of frolicking the island.

The Sight.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

Turquoise water as far as your eyes can see. The beautiful gleaming orange light of the sun as it cascades through the cloudless sky. The pebbles of the shore, crashing into each other as the waves of the sea washes through them. Not a soul in sight except for the owners of the beachfront shops getting ready for the day’s business. It was the scene that I saw the first morning of our stay in Agios Ioannis. I was up quite early, excited for my official first day of holiday.

The Touch.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

The gentle sea breeze rustling through my hair. The warm, golden rays of the sun. The sweat trickling down my forehead. The cold, refreshing water of the beach. The multitude of pebbles underneath my feet. Does that sound like perfection to you? It does for me.

The Smell.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

The myriad of tavernas lined up along the coast of Agios Ioannis beach gives a plethora of aroma as they cook their succulent dishes for their diners. The charcoal burning to grill the meat to well-done perfection. The oceanic smell of the seafood dishes. The aromatic scent of the herbs and spices the experienced cooks use. Truly, a weight gain is imminent after your holiday in Agios Ioannis.

The Taste.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Pelion, Greece

Do I really need to describe how absolutely delightful the Greek cuisine is?

Truly, a stay in Agios Ioannis even for a day sends you off to a sensory overload. In a positive way.

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  • Ting at My Travel Monkey August 27, 2015 at 17:03

    Erm, are you trying to make me insanely jealous? 🙂 I really want to hop onto the plane now and head to Greece. I love how you describe the whole trip in senses. What a great idea. The photo of the food is making me dribble… Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes
    Ting at My Travel Monkey recently posted…Holiday Snapshots #38 MunichMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High August 27, 2015 at 18:02

      I’ll be stalking you on your #MondayEscapes, don’t worry. :p

  • Cathy (MummyTravels) August 26, 2015 at 11:03

    Lovely – makes me want to dash right back to Greece #MondayEscapes
    Cathy (MummyTravels) recently posted…Amsterdam museum of bags and pursesMy Profile

    • Pinay Flying High August 26, 2015 at 11:05

      My mind is always in Greece wherever I am. :p

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