Autumn in London

Kensington Palace and Garden, London, England

Spending autumn in London is the best! I love the fall season, yes it could be cold, breezy and rainy but I still think it’s the most romantic season of all.  Bundled up in the thickest of my jackets like a person in a zorb ball (because my fashion sense is highly questionable), I love having long walks in different parts of London and just taking in all the colors of autumn. I’d probably stop for a cup of coffee (most definitely not a pumpkin spice latte) somewhere where I can sit and still enjoy the burst of color of nature. 

Here are some of the things I can highly recommend if you’re spending autumn in London – the leafy places where fall colors will surely assault your sense of sight (in a good way). 🙂 Do take note that most of the photos in this post weren’t taken during the fall season so I guess you’ll just have to see it for yourself during autumn. 🙂

The Barge Walk, Kingston-Upon-Thames

I thought I’d start by showing you something local from me, I live in Kingston and I love walking through the Barge Walk by the River Thames with all the untouched nature surrounding me. I normally do this from Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court Palace, it’s quite a long walk though but you do have the option to take the bus on your way back. 🙂 

Hampton Court Palace

My favorite Historic Royal Palace in London is definitely the Hampton Court Palace, luckily I live very near it and I immediately signed up to be a member as I always bring visiting friends and family there. The palace is the most preserved and the most interactive that you’ll ever visit here in London but the grounds and the gardens is equally stunning! The only way to access the gardens is by going through the palace itself so yes, you will need an entrance fee. Trust me though, it’s absolutely worth it! 🙂

Canbury Gardens, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Another firm favorite is the Canbury Gardens, it’s a small garden but what we normally go here for is our favorite riverside pub – The Boater’s Inn. From here, you can watch the world go by on the river or by the Thames Path with a pint of beer. It can get pretty cold out there though but they have a cozy indoor area where you still get a view of the river.

Highgate Cemetery, Highgate

This is in the completely opposite side of London from where I live but it’s actually the first thing that I explored when we first moved to London. We were staying in Highgate then, I had no idea of what was around me so I relied on google and searched for things around me. Highgate Cemetery came at the top of the list as it was the nearest, you might think that it’s weird to explore a cemetery but I actually like it. I find cemeteries peaceful and a tranquil place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as long as you visit it during the day and not at night. Lol.

Holland Park, Kensington

This can’t be an autumn in London post without having a mention of any one of the parks dotted around the city. Holland Park is one of my favorites mainly because of the pretty Kyoto Garden inside. Again, it’s a very peaceful place to go to – there are signs around the garden reminding you keep the peace and tranquility of the place so you’re more than allowed to shush people if they become too noisy. Lol.

Kensington Gardens

I love the Kensington Gardens, it’s not as huge as Hyde Park but I think that’s where it gets its charm. There are a lot of tree-lined pathways to take and of course, there’s the lake just in front of the palace where you can sit and feed the ducks – as what you would do in London. 🙂

Greenwich Park

I love going to Greenwich because of its very village feel to it. Going to the Observatory is also a favorite of mine as you get an amazing view from up there. If it’s your first time to visit Greenwich, do take a look on my Greenwich Day Trip guide to see what are the other places that you shouldn’t miss. 🙂

Richmond Park

If you’re spending autumn in London, you have to do it right and you must visit the biggest royal park in the city – Richmond Park. Again, it’s very close to where I live and I do try to walk through here from time to time. My favorite spot in Richmond Park is definitely Henry’s Mound which gives you an unobstructed view of the city of London. Pembroke Lodge is near the mound, there’s a pretty cafe inside it and if it’s not that cold – you can also sit outside surrounded by the leafy park. 

Regent's Canal

Another one of my favorite walks to do in London is from Camden to Regent’s Park through Regent’s Canal. It’s a nice little walk to do away from the hustle and bustle of the city. My favorite part of this walk is definitely Cafe Laville in Little Venice. 🙂


The leafy suburban area of Chiswick screams posh throughout but you can’t deny the fact that it’s one of the most picturesque areas of the city. Chiswick Mall is my favorite part with all the huge and expensive houses and it’s closely followed by the beautiful Chiswick House and Gardens. You definitely will have some fun times exploring the grounds of this property during the fall season. 

I hope the above list made you love autumn in London as much as I do, I’ll be creating another post for all the other discoveries that I’m about to do in the coming days. 🙂


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    great suggestions for beautiful autumnal walks

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