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London’s Hidden Walks: Hampstead Highlights

February 19, 2018
Hampstead, London -
I bought a book called London’s Hidden Walks which compiles all of the self-guided walking itineraries that you can do around London with an in-depth information of the history and interesting facts you can see on the way. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever done so far this year as I love walking around this city and discovering all of its hidden gems. I am still keeping up to my promise of exploring London eve

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Self-Guided Walk in Kingston, London

February 15, 2018
Kingston-Upon-Thames, London -
My love for Kingston-Upon-Thames started accidentally – two days after we moved to London, I had a job interview here. As a non-Londoner, I had no idea what and where Kingston is. Never even knew it existed as it’s never mentioned on London guides or tourist maps. After the interview, I went for a walk towards their town centre and fell in love at first sight. I was blown away by the quaintness of it, i

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Unique Hotel Rooms in London For Every Budget

February 11, 2018
Studio Room at The Milestone Hotel, London
After writing about my travel style where I mentioned that I am not the biggest fan of big hotel chains when I travel, I was asked by a friend where I would personally stay if I were to visit London as a tourist. That got me thinking, I’ve been to London once as a tourist and I stayed in a small hotel in Kensington area during that 3D/2N weekend trip. If I were to visit London for a longer period of time, whi

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Saying Thanks With A Bottle Of Whiskey

February 5, 2018
The Greek Mister celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago and I’ve always struggled on deciding what to give him for special occasions. He’s the simplest guy in the whole wide world – not into gadgets, not into clothes nor watches and definitely not into cars (not that I’d give him a car for his birthday, what is he? The King of England?) If there’s one thing he’s really very

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Pinay Flying High’s London Guide

January 29, 2018
You’re probably wondering why I even bothered creating my own London guide when there are so many guides out there which are far more detailed than this. What sets this guide apart from everything else? Everything you’ll find here are based on my own personal experiences. I’ve been receiving a lot of London questions recently so I thought of compiling everything I know (and everything I’ve d

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Random Musings

What’s Your Travel Style?

January 18, 2018
Venice, Italy
In the travel blogging world, there are two main travel styles that are very noticeable – luxury travel and budget travel. I’m neither and if I have to brand my travel style, I’d call it… the in-between travel style? Lol. I don’t have a good word for it so maybe you’d be able to help me find the correct term. So what’s my travel style? ACCOMMODATION Let’s talk about a

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