Authentic Italian Feast at Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London
A casual dining destination serving authentic and fresh Italian cuisine, Pasta Remoli is defiitely giving other restaurants a run for their money with its affordable but high-quality dishes.

I simply can’t pass up on an invite to dine in one of the restaurants that made it to my list of “must visit” here in London. I had my eye on Pasta Remoli’s Ealing Broadway branch as I believe I’ve seen it in my instagram feed before and salivated on the beautiful and delicious-looking pasta dishes. I’ve immediately bookmarked it when I saw that all of their pasta are handmade. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

We arrived at the posh Dickens Yard in Ealing Broadway, somehow it reminded me of my years living in Dubai with the modern buildings around but the church bell at the end of the street suddenly transported me to the streets of Rome. The smell of food emanating from Pasta Remoli helped a lot to set the Mediterranean scene further. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

We were immediately seated in one of their outdoor tables and were given a single-page menu. I don’t know about you but I’ve always had better experiences in restaurants specializing in one cuisine or dish – which in Pasta Remoli’s case is pasta, and perfecting it rather than having such a large list of food and being just average in all of it.

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

The menu is quite straightforward, choose your pasta, your sauce and the cheese that you want to go along with it. The main dishes come in either small or large sizes. There’s also a handful of antipasti in the menu if you want to make it a complete meal. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

I had Frito Misto while my friend K had Burrata Cheese and Parma Ham for starters. Now I know that it’s supposed to be shared but I sure won’t share my frito misto to her (nor anyone) specially after taking the first bite. Seafood is my favourite dish and I grew up eating a lot of it in the Philippines. I know what’s fresh and what’s not and I have to say, Pasta Remoli’s seafood is so fresh that it transported me right smack in the Mediterranean Sea. I don’t know why I was so surprised by it, I guess I didn’t expect such good quality of ingredients from a casual restaurant – clearly, I have underestimated them. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

It’s a good thing K isn’t such a big fan of seafood so I didn’t have to take it away from her because I definitely have no plans of sharing that plate with anyone. I had a cheeky portion of her burrata cheese though, sooo creamy! 🙂

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

I had Spaghetti with Seafood Sauce for my main while K had Spaghetti Carbonara. Again, my main dish tasted like the sea and reminded me of our Greek holidays when we’re having our meals in a taverna with the sound of the crashing waves next to us. I was extremely happy with my choice of main while I gobbled it all up. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

The spaghetti carbonara my friend K had was enjoyed just as much. It was very creamy and had the biggest slices of bacon we’ve ever seen, they definitely didn’t skimp on the ingredients. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

For desserts, my friend K had Crostata Ricotta while I had a Tiramisu. Crostata ricotta looks like a tart but a bit harder than one, the Italian staff did their best to explain what it is but what really matters is that K loved it and finished it all. My tiramisu was also good but the first two courses already filled me up that I wasn’t able to finish my desserts anymore. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

It’s safe to say that we loved our meal, Pasta Remoli may be considered a casual restaurant but don’t expect a casual dish because the freshness alone of the ingredients will blow you away. I’m quite ashamed that I didn’t expect to be wowed by our meal when in fact – the restaurant’s founder, Simone Remoli, used to be the chef of some of London’s top restaurants including one with a Michelin star. 

Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

This unpretentious restaurant definitely went up my list of “great places to eat in London”. 

Note: I was a guest at Pasta Remoli however as always, all photos and reviews are my own. 

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Pasta Remoli, Ealing Broadway, London

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