Au Revoir Paris, Bonjourno Roma!

Went to Charles de Gaulle at around 0730 in time for my flight at 0945 going to Fiumicino. Was feeling weird ‘coz I didnt pass through any immigration check, Schengen states silly. So inside Air France’s flight I was seated in between 2 teenage French girls who are chattering non-stop. So I had to excuse myself and ask them if they would like to be seated together, they replied in unison: OUI!

Arrived at Fiumicino airport and followed the signs going to the train station. Bought a ticket and waited for the train at Rail no. 2. Arrived at Stazione Termini after a few minutes. First thing I did upon arrival is looked for a place which sells train ticket to Munich. After the PAris-Rome flight I figured that I hate flying. I feel a bit claustrophobic everytime I board a plane. So I have decided I will take a train instead going to Munich. Was able to find a travel agency right at the train station and the only available trip is 21Apr 7am. Was opting to take the night travel but it was fully booked. As I was browsing the catalogues, I saw a tour offered by the agency to Florence. Hmmmmm…… sounds interesting. Without further ado, I blurted out – “and I want to take this Florence trip as well tomorrow. ” So train is booked and the trip to Florence as well. Next thing to do is find a hotel for 3nights. Roamed around the vicinity of the Termini and found this abandoned-looking building near the Termini with a name of a supposedly hotel outside. So I went in and climbed the narrow stairs and voila! on the second floor is the hotel, all one floor of it. Hehehe. Asked how much the room is per night, €30. Told the receptionist that I’ll just look around. But it was the cheapest around the area which is available for 3 nights. So, had to take it then. The room consists of a bed (thank God), a small sink, an overused wardrobe, bedside table, a TV with its non-functioning remote and a small window which serves as the air-conditioning of the room. Haha! The toilet and bath are outside which all the tenants have to share. Great! Adventure at its finest. Hehehe. I am not always picky with the hotels I stay in everytime I travel. I need not a very posh room since I wont be staying there for a long time anyways. What good is a hotel if you’ll be out of it for most of the day? Better save the money to tours, entrance fees and food. Hehe.

So, after dropping my bag inside my room – went out for the day and explored Rome. I took one of those tourist buses which practically drops you off to the interesting places of Rome. First stop was The Coloseum, ancient ancient! Love it! Then went to Piazza Venezia where Vittoriale is also located. And then headed to the Vatican City. YAY!!!!!!!!! Spent about 2 hours there before heading back to my hotel. I was beat! I need to eat pizza!!!!!!!! So I went to the nearby restaurant and ordered a pizza for myself and red wine for the Italian touch. Haha. And no, it wasn’t a fancy restaurant. Hell no!

I was beat and need to prepare myself for the Florence tour tomorrow which starts at 6 in the freaking morning. So I took a bath and lo and behold, there was no hot water. HAHAHAHAHA. So much for a no-star hotel. Anyway, it was cold and had to turn off the A/C which means closing the window of this small room. Haha!



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