Dubai: El Sur at Westin Mena Seyahi

El Sur, Westin Mena Seyahi, Dubai

Before I talk about the restaurant, let me first tell you why I was there in the first place – it’s all because of the newly launched The Entertainer App. The Entertainer, as many of you know is a huge book of discounts published yearly. I have been a very big fan of their books since it first launched which is why I got so excited to hear that they’ve got the mobile application now. Gone are the days when you have to go through the huge books before going out, it’s all in your smart phones which let’s face it – where we can find just about everything we need now. I’m a big fan of these books since you literally get back your money’s worth by the second or third use of their coupons. As soon as they announced the launch of their phone application on their Facebook, I was first to download it. Yay!

The App is loaded with free offers and one of them was the buy a main course and get a complimentary main course at El Sur in Westin Mena Seyahi, so off we went there. We arrived at 7pm and were the only ones there – well, what can I say? I got excited to use the Entertainer app. We were greeted by the lovely receptionist and led us to a table outside. The terrace was small and doesn’t really have a great view but the ambiance was fantastic, it was very cozy. The staff were efficient and quick to serve us the menu, explained a little bit about the concept and delivered our drinks. Being a Spanish restaurant, I ordered sangria of course.


The restaurant has not officially opened yet when we went there so there was very little variety in their soft opening menu. For starters, we ordered Croquetas Jamon Iberico which was awesome! It was crispy on the outside and really creamy on the inside. When I had a taste of it, I knew I was in for a treat and couldn’t wait for my main course.


The boyfriend ordered Tarteletas de setas con espuma de manchego (Mushroom-filled pasta with manchego cheese foam) which I wasn’t able to taste as I wanted to give space in my stomach for my own mains. The boyfriend seemed to love it though, finishing almost half of it right after it was served.


I ordered Pollo de corral a la naranja con maíz (Free-range orange roasted chicken with corn) which was a very good choice. The chicken was so tender and full of flavor that I took my own sweet time to chew it, afraid to swallow it. Lol. I wanted to taste its goodness up to the last chew, yes I’m weird. The corn was sweet and creamy too. All those flavors creates a magnificent harmony in my mouth, I wanted to give a standing ovation to the chef after my meal.


After the meal, I informed our very efficient waiter that I will be using my Entertainer online voucher.


How it works? Very easy, you’ll just have to put in your 4-digit password and the restaurant will put in theirs as well which will generate a code for the restaurant’s reference and a meal’s price automatically gets deducted from your bill. Sweet!

1441296_680861665299745_1979348862_nWill I ever go back to El Sur? Most definitely, specially now that they’ve got a wider variety in their menu.


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  • Mitzie Mee December 13, 2013 at 17:54

    The food looks delicious. I really have to get that app. Is the 2014 version out yet?

    • Pinay Flying High December 13, 2013 at 19:18

      Yes it is and they are offering 10% discount if you purchase it now online. 🙂

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