as i type this entry…

As I type this entry… my mom is somewhere in the East coast of the US inside a flying capsule headed towards JFK airport where she will stay for 7 hours to catch the flight bound to Dubai. She will arrive on board flight EK202 tomorrow at 2030hrs. So it’s about 14hours flying time plus the 9hours layover in JFK, total travel time is 23hours – aaaahhhhh the pains my mom has to go thru to.

Anyway, I don’t want this entry to be a “sobfest” of some sort. I have already established on my previous blogs that this is the first time I’m going to see my mother after 18 long years. This should be a “happy” event, a momentous occassion to be celebrated not to cry about.

I’m excited to see her of course, I have forgotten how it is like to be with her. My memory is a bit hazy and have practically forgotten all the memories I’ve had with her when I was a kid, so definitely this time around I’ll have some new memories with her which I can remember for a longer time. :p

I can’t help but think what the scene would be like at the airport the first time I will see her. My idiotic friends are all offering to come with me to the airport to witness this “dramatic” account of my life which can probably pass up as scene for a soap opera. Not gonna happen. I’ll be there by myself waiting for her and will probably not recognize her right away due to my very poor eyesight. But for sure I am going to scream “MOMMY!!!!!!!!” when I see her.

Mommy – a word I have not used for a long time and would really like to use as often as I can when my MOMMY is here with me for a whole week! I sound like a baby but I don’t care. MY MOMMY IS ON HER WAY!!!!! YAY!!!!!


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  • Mike November 9, 2009 at 17:35

    Im so happy for you and im sure you will be able to rekindle some old memories as well as make some new ones. have fun with your mommy i just wish i could have more time with mine before she past on.

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