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Arabian Park Hotel

April 9, 2011

I have not written for a long time and I felt like I have a lot of explaining to do. But before that, let me first share the marvelous weekend that I just had.

Arabian Park Hotel

For a change, I spent 2 nights at Arabian Park Hotel at Al Jaddaf area. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to find as it’s literally in the middle of nowhere so I was a bit concerned of what this hotel could offer for its AED200 per night rate which is really very cheap for Dubai standards. With its location and price, I wasn’t expecting a very well-maintained 3 star hotel with a 5 star service and a pool to top it all off. Not many 3 star properties will have a pool as nice as the one that they have. So we were greeted by a friend at the reception (another reason why we stayed at this particular hotel because we’re quite sure that we’ll be taken good care of) and immediately checked us in. The rooms were quite small but clean and well-kept.

Standard Room

Amenities inside the rooms (at least the standard ones):
* cable TV
* bathtub (some 3 star properties won’t have a bath tub)
* hairdryer
* cable internet (can be charged per hour or per day)
* room service of course

While getting ready for dinner, a hotel staff (probably housekeeping) opened my locked door and was shouting someone’s name which made me go WTF? That’s a bit weird – no, that was really weird. It’s a good thing that I was dressed up when he opened the door, what if I was naked or something? It was my mistake anyway for not double locking the door. The only downside of the rooms that they have which became a big concern for me was, I think the walls were too thin because you can literally hear the shuffle of feet of the guests walking around the corridor and their loud voices. I’m a light sleeper (except when drunk) and I do believe that it definitely will be a big concern to the guests who are light sleepers too.

Anyway, what I LOVE about this hotel is what they lack in points for being situated in the middle of Al Jaddaf area, they make up for it and offer free shuttle service to and from the airport to all their guests, a scheduled shuttle service to and from Wafi, Jumeira area and Deira area and they also give out dining vouchers with 30% discount in any of the restaurants in Wafi which is just a stone’s throw away from the property. Plus the fact that upon check-in, they also give you complimentary drink vouchers that you could use in any of their restaurants. I’m a cheap ass as you may all know already and if you give me all these freebies along with a really cheap per night rate, I’ll be the happiest camper you’ll ever have.

Oasis bar by the pool

There are two restaurants inside the hotel, one is The Brasserie and the other one is Oasis which is a restaurant cum bar. Both serves alcohol though. We had our pre-drinks at Oasis with the intention of transferring to the Brasserie to get real food (not bar food) but the friend came over and insisted that he will bring the brasserie menu for us so that we don’t have to transfer places – which worked well for us because the coziness of their lazy chairs by the pool is kind of hard to get up from. I ordered Singapore fried noodles while the boyfriend ordered Beef burger, for appetizers we ordered grilled halloumi cheese. It was really amazing that all 3 dishes were cooked to perfection, it’s been a very long time since I’ve tasted a good Asian cuisine and my Singapore fried noodles satisfied my Asian taste buds. After too many beers, we called it a night as early as 11pm. We got a really good surprise when we asked for the bill though, we’ve been given 40% discount from the total bill. Yeehaw! 🙂

The next day, we went back to the pool area in the hopes that we could get something to eat there (I booked a room only service so it is without breakfast as I was not expecting that we will be up and about by 11am). Unfortunately, Oasis doesn’t serve food until after 12pm and the brasserie stops their breakfast menu by 11am. So we decided to just order iced coffee at Oasis and wait until 12 to eat our brunch. I noticed that morning that the hotel was running full for that weekend, there were lots of people staying there – surprisingly! The lazy chairs by the pool were almost all filled up and there were also lots of people inside the bar. So yeah, as a travel agent – I feel really ashamed of myself that I didn’t know this hotel existed for 4 years now here in Dubai and I’ve never even heard of it until now while these people coming from different countries obviously heard about it and are having the time of their lives by the hotel pool. So it really isn’t about the location, it’s about what they get out of the price they paid which matters.

The Brasserie

Anyway, for brunch I had Nasi Goreng while the boyfriend had poached salmon. The appetizer we ordered was this incredible seafood au gratin in white sauce served in a scallop shell – it was just oh so amazing! Once again, they have satisfied my Asian taste pallet with their Nasi Goreng. YUM! I used my entertainer voucher for the brasserie and saved AED89.00. I told you I’m a cheap ass. We went to Oasis bar after lunch to get some beer then went back to our rooms for a nap – if you call 2pm to 6pm a nap.

At around 7:30pm, we went back to Oasis to have some pre-drinks before we meet some of my friends. I think my ass is already imprinted on the lazy chair at Oasis. Haha. As soon as the friend arrived we had the highlight of our 2 nights stay at Arabian Park Hotel. Well, let me put it this way – we had free taste-testing of some of their mouthwatering appetizers and main courses. We skipped dessert because I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

We went back to our rooms with a full stomach and satisfied taste buds at around midnight.

My rating for this hotel? 9 out of 10. The 1 point less goes to the fact that the walls were too thin which could have woken me up from my slumber if not for the fact that we’ve been drinking for most of the time that we’ve stayed there. :-p But if you’ll ask me to rate the service we got from a 3 star property, then I would have to say that it’s a perfect 10. The free shuttle service to connect the property to all the major parts of Dubai was a good touch, the 30% discount vouchers to any of the Wafi restaurants was superb and the complimentary free drinks that they give to all their staying guests is just the cherry on top of this amazing 10-layer cake. All these things for a 200 dirhams per night stay? What else could you have asked for?

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