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April 2016: Best Eats in Doha

April 30, 2016

The month of April was extremely busy for me with 14 foodie events that I attended not to mention all the other restaurants which I visited on my own. Along with the opening of new restaurants, new dining concepts in existing restaurants were also introduced. My attempts of losing weight was of course put to the test as I try to limit what I eat. I deserve a statue somewhere I believe, for being able to practice portion control strictly even if these gorgeous and extremely tempting dishes were laid in front of me.

I thought I’ve tried so much this month that I want to remind myself what dishes I liked the best so I’d be reminded the next time I go back to these restaurants. Here are my favorite eats for the month of April.

1. Crispy duck roll at Hakkasan.

Hakkatini Nights at Hakkasan Doha, PinayFlyingHigh.com-13

The crunch, the taste and the flavor of this dish is an irresistible combination. It’s actually quite hard for me to choose the best dish from my dinner experience at Hakkasan because everything was just oh so amazing!

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2. Sticky Mango Rice at Sabai Thai

Sabai Thai, Westin Doha PinayFlyingHigh.com-12

I’m not into desserts but if all desserts taste like the sticky mango rice served at Sabai Thai then I might as well be into it. I wonder where they get their mangoes from since I haven’t had anything like it here – ripe, juicy and very sweet.

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3. Lobster bisque at JW Steakhouse.

JW Steakhouse, Doha Marriott, PinayFlyingHigh.com

So creamy and so yummy, this lobster bisque is sure to make you want to ask for more serving of it and lots and lots of bread. I also have to go back to JW Steakhouse to try out their normal menu, I need to get a taste of their steak which has been awarded twice as the best in the city.

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4. Crispy and sweet chicken at Tofu House Doha.

Tofu House, PinayFlyingHigh.com-4

I can eat this all day and everyday as a meal, snacks or something to munch on in between a meal and snacks. I wish I live next to Tofu House Doha though so this dream of mine will come true.

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5. Slow-cooked salmon at Market by Jean-Georges.

Market by Jean-Georges, Doha, Pinayflyinghigh.com-3

Finally tried Market by Jean-George’s express lunch menu and fell in love with this salmon which was made of pure perfection. A must-try in Market by Jean-Georges.

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6. Cachapas at Toro Toro Doha

Friday Brunch at Toro Toro Doha, Pinayflyinghigh.com-13

It was my first time to try cachapas and I was blown away! I don’t really know if it tastes like how it’s supposed to as I have nothing to compared it with. But the salty and sweet taste combination of this dish is incredible. It’s absolutely one of the things I’d be ordering everytime I am in Toro Toro Doha.

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7. Ossobuco at the Italian Nights of The Square, Intercontinental Doha The City

Italian Nights at The Square, Intercontinental Doha The City Pinayflyinghigh.com-15

The chef of The Square who created this dish deserves a standing ovation. It’s absolutely the best dish I’ve had at the Italian Nights of The Square. They shouldn’t remove this from the buffet spread and you should definitely not miss it.

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8. Wagyu beef at Nobu Doha

Nobu Doha, Four Seasons Hotel Pinayflyinghigh.com-11

From the special omakase menu of Nobu Doha in lieu of their first anniversary, A7 wagyu beef with goma cauliflower mousse and teriyaki jus is a show stopper. If you’re ever going to try it, make sure to give it a big round of applause when delivered to your table. It deserves it.

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Those are the best dishes I’ve eaten for the whole month of April and I personally think, this is the best month for me in terms of foodie adventures.

What’s the best dish you’ve had this month?

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