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Apres @ Mall of the Emirates experience

July 2, 2010

i fell in love with the place as soon as i walked in. with a very good view of the ski slopes of ski dubai and the wooden interiors, they’ve done a perfect ambience of a ski lodge in Switzerland. well not that i’ve ever been into a ski lodge or even to Switzerland, but i reckon it will look exactly like Apres at mall of the emirates.

the ambience: as i’ve earlier said, it gives you that feeling that you are no longer in Dubai but somewhere in the middle of ski mountains of Switzerland. they have the best view of the ski slopes of Ski dubai with the wooden interiors as a final touch. high tables and chairs are scattered all over the place for those who just came for a drink and cozy sofas on the left end for the dining customers. they also have widescreen televisions which show major sport events, the world cup these days nonetheless.

staff: are all very nice and very friendly.

service: fast.

food: is incredible! the seafood pasta that i ordered was not deprived of the main ingredient – ermm, seafoods. in fact, i think there were more seafoods than past in my plate. :p the boyfriend ordered a pizza margherita and was not very happy about it, he complained that there were not enough mozarella cheese and mushrooms. well anyway, i was happy with my pasta.

price: we ordered 1 pizza margherita, 1 seafood pasta, 1 lemon margarita, 2 pints of heineken and got a bill of AED270. after i gave them my entertainer voucher, the bill went down to AED203. i really am loving this entertainer vouchers.

rating: 10 out of 10.

i’d definitely go back there and see a world cup match one of these days. 🙂

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