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Applebee’s at Sheikh Issa Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road

June 5, 2011

We had a pseudo team-building dinner last week, well honestly I think it was just an excuse for all of us to splurge on that 12-week bonus we got the previous week and to somehow see each other outside the already stressful work environment. So armed with my Entertainer vouchers, we all went to Applebee’s. (Friday’s was the first option but since I don’t have a voucher for Friday’s and we also don’t get staff discount there – we ditched Friday’s and went to Applebee’s instead. Tee hee!)I made a reservation for 13 people at 7pm, when we got to the restaurant – there was a table reservation for 13 midgets. Maybe it’s my fault, I should have told the guy who booked the table that we are all GROWN adults. Anyway, after some shuffling here and there – we finally convinced the servers that we will not fit in that tiny area they reserved for us. Thank goodness they have a second floor.

So anyway, with all the 13 grown and famished adults speaking at the same time for their orders to be heard I can only feel sorry for the already confused server that we had that night. I’m a loyal rib eye steak kind of girl so I practically know what I want even before I went there but for some unexplainable reasons, the other kabayan in the group (I’m looking at you Elma) could not make up her mind and kept ordering a dish which our server already explained 200 times that it’s not available. To cut the long story short, the order-taking alone took forever to finish (half of it was Elma’s fault, :p).

Alas! The food came – for starters we had nachos nuevos, buffalo chicken wings and quesadilla grande. All of which were finished in a span of 5 minutes as soon as it came. For main course, I of course ordered rib eye steak “MEDIUM RARE”. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I ordered it medium rare and not the usual well done. My friend who’s a chef told me that steaks are best when it’s rare – but because I just couldn’t eat something which is still breathing with it’s blood dripping from it’s sides, I tried – for the very first time – a medium rare steak. Well, it isn’t as gross as I thought it would be and yes, it’s much better than a well done as the steak usually are dry and hard if it’s the latter. The medium rare on the other hand is juicier and easier to chew with more taste and flavor in it. I must say, that it was done perfectly – the first few cuts at least. As I was nearing the middle part of my steak, I can see more and more blood coming out of it as I cut it which was just “ewwwwwww”. Well, it wasn’t so bad for a first timer though as I was able to finish half of it.

The medium rare.... rrrrrraaawwwrrr!

The steamed vegetable was overcooked (too saggy for my taste) and the mashed potato was perfectly peppered. Steak-wise, I’d probably rate it a 6 out of 10. Much better than Outback but just isn’t as good as Tony Roma’s.

They ordered desserts which I didn’t even bother tasting nor trying to pronounce its name as I’m not really into sweets and rarely eat desserts but they all plunged into these two plates of sugar-loaded cake and ice cream:

It gives me a toothache just by looking at it.

Will I ever go back to Applebee’s? Hmmmm not really. The food wasn’t exceptional (at least my steak) or maybe I’m just really a Tony Roma’s girl ever since? The service was great though!

I used my three Entertainer vouchers for this meal and saved AED224.00 out of the total bill.
Total Entertainer voucher savings: AED1178.00

Some of the 200 photos taken during that night are as follows:

We're hungreeeeee!

My and Asya's harem of boys, all available at our disposal. Yeah right!

Just us girls (sans Hanaa... 🙁 )

For reasons I don't really know, he reminds me of Tweety Bird. Not really sure why.

The downside of eating medium rare steak, it gets stuck in between your teeth. Ugh!

Say Applebee's!

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  • Reply hot mama elma June 10, 2011 at 05:06

    Salamat po sa pag mention sa aking pangalan… AT kelangan talagang fault ko na nalito si Ateng serbidora? pareho kaming nalito dahil ang ingay and everybody was talking all at once….Waaahhhh… sorry naman.. ang importante we all had a blast!! Kelan ba mauulit ito? Next yr, after ng bonus??! Insha’allah!!

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