Another work blooper.

I had a really busy morning earlier, lots of walk-ins/calls/emails from corporate accounts that i have to attend to. Well, a typical Thursday when everybody’s hurrying to finalize everything before the weekend starts. So anyway, this particular phone conversation took place when i was already having a lot of urgent ticketings, so just imagine how frustrated I was while handling her. You be the judge.

Pax: Hi, regarding that Bombay ticket that i booked earlier for Mr. K, can i book a seat for him?
Mi: Sure. Which seat does he prefer?
Pax: Eyssel seat.
Mi: what???
Pax: Eyssel seat.

(in my thoughts I was wondering what the f is an eyssel seat????)

Mi: I’m sorry I didn’t get you, would that be aisle or window seat?
Pax: Eyssel seat!!! The one at the corner.
Mi: Exit seat?
Pax: NO!!!!! EYSSEL seat!!!

(She’s really getting pissed that i don’t seem to understand what the hell is an eyssel seat. I, on the other hand, was a bit worried because I might have missed something out here. I seriously asked myself if I have not been paying attention to the airline updates that probably somehow they have installed a new set of seats in the plane called an EYSSEL seat.)

Mi: What is eyssel seat???
Pax: EYSSEL!!!!! You don’t know eyssel????
Mi: There’s only window, middle or aisle seat. Sorry but I have no idea what eyssel seat is.
Pax: THE ONE AT THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mi: Corner would be window seat
Pax: NO!!!!! Eyssel!!!!!
Mi; Eyssel seat, how do you spell eyssel seat?
Pax: Eyssel – A-I-S-L-E! Eyssel!!!!

(Deep breathes…. deep breathes…… wuuuuuuuuusssssssssaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I had to control myself from grabbing the pen and poking my eye with it. Somebody shoot me now!)


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