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Another thank you note!

July 26, 2008


First day at work, after being reincarnated into someone who’s too weak to open the door of the office, i was actually surprised at the handful of emails i received at my work mail from everybody after hearing that i was sick. unfortunately, i had to delete them all as the memory byte of our computer from the jurassic era could not handle it, but not until i replied on each one of them. Thank you all for extending your regards and I am all ok now. After reading your mails, i am more than ok.

i appreciate the concern of the corporate clients that i have, as i deal with them every freaking day. but what was so surprising for me were the emails i got from the walk-in clients. well, there were just two of them who sent me an email – the all american mr.thompson and the european educator, ms. gertrude. both passengers insist that i call them by their first names but i just have to give them due respect after showing their concern towards me. šŸ™‚ mr thompson, after receiving my “im back” email immediately called me up and sent some “am glad you’re back” cake. too bad my throat could not handle the sweets yet, but i really really do appreciate the action.

another set of people who missed me were the mall staff. the cashier at the cafe near our office, who missed me because she hasn’t seen me pass their cafe while waving my arms warily towards them for the past few days; the bathroom cleaner inside the mall asked how i was and told meĀ i lost a huge amount of weight since she last saw me; and the flower shop attendant beside our office told me that he’s been looking for me for theĀ  past few days whenever he needs to break some bills.

and the last set of concerned people are the “facebook” friends. haha! after reading the status of my page, immediately sent a message to ask how i have been. and mind you, they’re not theĀ  pervertedĀ  online schmucks. i’ve known most of them even before we became facebook friends and facebook was just a tool for us to communicate and keep in touch. so it really is nice to hear from them after going undercover for how many months just because they’ve seen that something was wrong with me on my status.

it’s a generally nice feeling to be asked genuinely “how have you been?”.Ā the kind wherein you know that theĀ person asking you this question really wants to know how have you been. it’s a good feeling. i feel – loved! definitely, these people made my day.

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