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March 31, 2009

I have been seriously busy for the past week. Too many things going on at the moment that I sometimes think to myself how I was able to juggle everything at once. For sure it was a whirlwind of emotions for me – sad, lonely, excited, devastated, happy, alarmingly happy, pull-out-your-innards-kind of pain, a looooong period of sulking, surprised then back to happy again and at last, peaceful at the moment. I like a peaceful state of mind. Not that very happy and not sad either – just in between. Too much of something is always bad.

So anyway, I have a lot of things to say. But am warning all you readers, the things am going to say may not exactly have a point. Haha. But it does for me. 🙂
I think it’s all just a matter of time for anyone to finally see the clearer and bigger picture from the small things that we think is already fine for us. Sad realities had to happen for us to know and understand what we are worth. Painful yet very enlightening and I do believe that the greatest lessons in life come from the biggest failures you will ever encounter. If you’re smart, then you will find the courage to take it as a failure and accept the fact that you’ve been defeated – learn from it, then take one step at a time forward until you’ve reached a safe distance from everything and everyone which caused you much pain. Never put hatred in your hearts, coz if you do, the hatred will be an excess and excruciating baggage which may hinder you from taking that small step forward. Just be at peace with everything and trust me, you’ll be reaching that safe zone sooner that you’ve expected.

I am at peace now – not very fine, not very happy and not very sad – but at peace. And trust me, that’s more than what I have asked for.

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