Amazing Thailand – Phuket

We arrived at Phuket airport at around 4pm and booked ourselves a transfer from the airport to our hotel. The transfer cost THB150 per person which is for a mini van which will then be shared with other passengers going to the same area that you’re going to. We initially booked a hotel called Patong Suite Home (THB700 per night) but it was such a disastrous hotel (dirty rooms and far away from the center of Patong) and none of the other parties would want to stay there. So we cancelled the reservation, one night penalty was charged and looked for a new hotel. Took us about 2 hours of wandering around the Patong area before we realized that we need to book something online and then just ask a tuktuk driver to take us there. We found a fairly decent hotel and with all our fingers crossed, booked it for 2 nights hoping that it’s going to be as good as the photos they featured on their website. With the help of the GPS on my iphone, we made our way to Patong Hemingway’s hotel (THB1000 per night) by foot. Then it rained and I’m not talking about a drizzle it was real rain so we had to stay at a hospital’s parking lot until the rain stopped. 🙂 The rain became a slight drizzle and so we went on again looking for the hotel. We found it at last only to be heartbroken and be told by the receptionist that we were at Hemingway’s hotel and the hotel we booked was PATONG Hemingway’s. WTF? The hotel was good enough though to ask for someone to pick us up from their property to the correct one. 🙂

As soon as we were checked in, we roamed around Bangla St. – the main street of Patong area and found it really tacky, dirty and can be compared to a whorehouse. Seriously, it looks like one. So we went to the beach hoping to find a good beach side restaurant – we found one but not very good. It was raining nonstop that night so we spent a longer time at that restaurant than what’s planned. As soon as the rain stopped, we went back to Bangla St. to give it another shot and went inside a bar with naked women trying very hard to look sexy as they danced at the pole on top of the stage in the middle of the bar. It was hilarious more than sexy. We went out to look for a “decent” bar and while looking for one, we were frequently stopped by men showing us a flyer of a “ping pong show” that’s going on in the nearby bar. WTF is a pingpong show you may ask? We didn’t know as well so we thought “why not?” and followed the guy at an upstairs bar. Well, ping pong show apparently is a show of women doing crazy stunts with their “aherm”, much like the shows you will see in Pat Phong in Bangkok (I didn’t know it was called ping pong show though). We would have stayed if not for the fact that the drinks were priced at THB500 and above. So we opted for a roadside bar instead and watched all the crazy people passing by in front of us.

The next day after brunch, we went to Kata beach. It was THB400 per way from Patong to Kata and it was worth it! It was the beach that I’ve been wanting to see since I’ve arrived in Thailand. The water was of the right temperature and waves are not as strong as that of Koh Samui. The drinks were of normal price (THB100 per drink). It was perfect!

Kata Beach

We went to eat at a nearby local restaurant before heading back to the dirty Patong. Since it was our last night anyway in Patong, I suggested we see one of those ping pong shows. So we went. It was surprising though that most of the people watching it were couples. Well actually, there were more women inside than men and the reactions of each are hilarious to watch. Some were amazed, some were disgusted and some just couldn’t look anymore. Too bad they don’t allow photos nor videos inside the bar. Haha. It was not sex they’re performing inside, it was a show of some crazy stunts that a woman can do with her “aherm”. Anyway, after the show we went to a nearby bar where all of the servers were lady boys. Why are gay people always so fun to be with? Is it a mandatory requirement that you have to be funny to be gay? I laughed so much that night just watching and hearing some funny anecdotes from these lady boys and they also had fun with us that they gave us a lot of free shots. We called it a night when the lady boys drained our pockets.

The next day was for Phi Phi, the best part of this Thailand trip.


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