Amazing Thailand – Koh Samui

I just got back from a 12-day vacation in Thailand last 6th of December and now I’m nursing an acute case of gastritis (that’s a totally different story and deserves a separate blog entry). So for now, I’ll talk about my latest shenanigan in Thailand, don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with a blow-by-blow details on a day-to-day basis (which most of the time consist of sleeping, eating and drinking anyway – thus, the gastritis) of my trip, just the main points to ponder on when traveling to Thailand.

We first went to Koh Samui and upon arrival at their very small airport which looked like a resort from the outside, we booked ourselves a private taxi transfer from the airport to our hotel. The transfer cost THB600 for 2 passengers and the taxi was a FORD Explorer. Fancy! In Koh Samui, we stayed at Baan Hin Sai Resort (THB1000 per night) , a quaint little resort located at a hillside between Chaweng and Lamai Beach. Chaweng proper is 20mins away and costs THB150 per person for the hotel service and THB100 per person if you’ll take the tuktuk. The resort also offers free hotel transfers to the beach twice daily. It was a good resort with all the basic things you need although we had some problems with their toilets as it’s clogged and unusable. The property offered us an alternate room to use on our last day which apparently was also clogged. We would then later find out that Thailand has a plumbing problem everywhere you go. :p

Baan Hin Sai Resort

Koh Samui wasn’t as cheap as I have expected it to be. We had an eat-all-you-can barbecue dinner for THB600 per person (drinks not yet included which was ok with me as I was taking antibiotics at the time and couldn’t drink alcohol for the first 4 days of my trip).

The reason why I’m suffering from gastritis now.

After dinner, we went to watch a cabaret show of lady boys. Such a shame ‘coz I forgot what the place was called but it was just within the vicinity of Chaweng proper. It was a good show considering the fact that they didn’t ask for an entrance fee although all of the drinks costs THB300 and above.

He/She’s singing Vogue. :p

The next day, we took advantage of the hotel’s free transfer to the beach and spent one whole afternoon at Buri Rasa Village – amazing beachfront hotel. The sea was a bit rough that day and the waves were too strong so I didn’t dare go in the water. I had a quick dip at the hotel’s serene pool though. 🙂

Buri Rasa

Dinner was consumed at a nearby beach bar/restaurant and I had my first taste of authentic pad Thai. YUM! 🙂 in the evening, we went to a local pub called the Legends where all the expats living in Koh Samui go to see the football match. It was Manchester United against…… who the hell cares? I was too busy using the bar’s free wifi. 🙂

We then took the 1420hrs flight via Bangkok Airways the next day to Phuket. Fare was around THB3500 ++ per person because we booked it late. Boo yah!

Phuket adventure will be on the next entry. 🙂


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