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Amalayer, amafeelsorry for you.

November 15, 2012

There’s a video going viral now on all of the social networking sites. It’s about a lady going all crazy towards a lady guard of an LRT station in the Philippines. If you’re a Filipino and you haven’t heard/seen this then you’re probably under a huge rock with no access to internet whatsoever and you need help. If you’re not a Filipino, search for AMALAYER on youtube and you’ll probably be able to get the whole point of the video even if you don’t speak our language.

My point is (and you can crucify me together with her) noone really knows the whole story and she’s just been victimized by a random “usisero” who happens to be at the right place and at the right time to capture this lady when she’s already going berserk. Unfortunately, nobody was there to capture a video of what could have triggered for her to act in such a way. Yeah yeah, no one has a right to act that way, to humiliate a person in public. But what do you all think are you doing right now? Making parodies and all, sharing the video on facebook and giving some nasty comments about her without really knowing what actually happened. I’m not taking her side nor will I judge/mock her unless I know the whole story, which we probably wouldn’t know.

Here’s a scenario, put yourself in her shoes, if for example the lady guard was rude to you and grabbed you by the arm to tell you that you should have put your bag inside the scanner as what the lady in the spotlight claimed, wouldn’t you have defended yourself at some point? That the lady guard does not have a right as well to do that to you? No? Really? Then I think you need to grow some balls. Speaking from my point of view and what life here in Dubai has taught me, you’ve got to learn how to stand up for yourself because nobody else will. Yeah, maybe the way she did it was totally uncalled for but hey, haven’t you felt so mad/upset before that the only way to release this tension is to just let out a scream or something? I know I have, but I have not screamed at someone before in public. I just ever so slightly raise my voice. Not the same. :p Anyway, I think that any normal person who’s got some balls to stand up for themselves might have had done this once or twice in their lives. The only difference is there was no “usisero” to take a video of it and post it on Facebook. For me, if someone belittles me, my race, my friends or my family – I’ve got a tendency to be just as bitchy but I also do it in a “civilized” manner well, depending on the situation that is. 🙂

And to those of you who have shared this video and mocked her in the process, I sure hope I won’t see you in the future in a video somewhere doing the same thing. It’s easy for you to say that you won’t do this now because you’re all highly “educated” but hey, never say never. 🙂

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  • Reply Michael November 21, 2012 at 20:46

    I agree with you that we do not know what was the impetus for her reaction and these reactions and over-reactions in social media do not serve to help anyone. Smartphone cameras have exposed more and more our public behavior and personal interactions in places like public transit systems. Here is one from the MRT in Singapore that a friend showed me. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/what_bugs_me/1161814/so_disrespectful_girls_make_fun_of_guys_body_odour_on_facebook.html#commentSection My friend is filipina like you and thought it was funny. I found it funny and cute but also a bit cruel. Not that I stink or anything! LOL What do you think?

    P.S. I just happened to come across your blog. You’re so opinionated! Excellent read.

    • Reply Pinay Flying High November 23, 2012 at 09:29

      Hi michael,

      Thanks for reading the blog. Hypocrites are everywhere, funny thing is they are too ignorant to know that they are.

      I saw the photos on the link. Lol. It is rude for taking photos like that and posting it on facebook HOWEVER (a big however there) I would have done the same thing. If something smells bad, your reflex is to cover your nose right? If it is insulting for the person who smells, isn’t his smell insulting too to other people? just freaking take a shower before taking any public transportation. I just recently had an episode in the metro and the guy who stood in front of me smelled like a rotten egg. So I covered my nose in front of him and he asked me why I did it, is it because he smells bad? I said yes without batting my eyelashes. :-))))

      It’s not really rocket science right? If you feel insulted when people cover their nose in front of you, then take a shower or maybe use a stronger deodorant.

      • Reply Michael November 23, 2012 at 21:47

        Pinay Flying High,

        I would have giving anything to be there to see that guy’s reaction after you said that it was because he stinks! I must admit, I had a big smile on my face as I read that. I think you could do an expose of your not so pleasant encounters with this beast and I would laugh my entire way through it! I was born and raised in the US and here we are taught to “walk on eggshells” when it comes to addressing others body odors, even in cases when they are offensive. I find your approach to be cute and refreshing, but also appalling! LOL I can see this a being an endearing quality in a woman. From a guy not so much. After a quick search, I found a funny article about the social politics of addressing this among Filipinos. http://www.pinoyexpatuae.com/2011/05/politics-of-smell.html
        On the subject of Amalayer, the MRT girls and other similar cases, it pains me that these videos, pics are being posted on social media by people trying to illicit a certain prejudicial response from viewers. It amounts to high-tech lynchings of private citizens so some cowards can feel better about themselves. The ability for people to record and take pictures should be used to expose hidden truths, to connect and empower people. Not tear down others. I saw the “Amalayer” woman doing an audition to become a VJ. She comes across as a nice, friendly young woman.
        Cheers to you for sticking up for her and pointing out the blatant hypocrisy involved in this and similar situations.

        • Reply Pinay Flying High November 24, 2012 at 08:30

          That blog wa hilarious!!!! I can see myself doing exactly the same thing and yet, see nothing wrong with it. My friend once gave someone a deodorant (seriously!) and I have this colleague to whom I told that he stinks (in a very nice way) and my other colleagues thanked me for telling him that. Lol.

          But of course, my unapologetic frankness has its limit. Like for a laborer per se who works all day outside 50 degree heat in dubai, he can’t possibly control the inevitable. :-p

          Anyway, that was a good laugh the link you gave me. Thanks for that. Lol.

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