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Always the morning after….

February 16, 2008

Stomach is in disarray – screaming to be fed by a really heavy meal. Something tells you that a simple bread won’t satisfy its needs – it has to be more than that. Aside from that, you have your heavy head to deal with. Everything seems to be all a blur – confused – are you dreaming or is this real? On top of all that, you have a whole bodyache to deal with as well. A simple sharp movement makes your knuckles and joints pop. Feeling is heavy, like there’s two big hollow blocks on your shoulders. Your hair is a mess and smells like cigarette smoke. Now you’re thinking – what the hell were you thinking the night before? Are these all worth it? This is what you feel after a night when vodka is the star.

Party today, deal with everything tomorrow.

It’s not worth it, specially if you have work the following day.

Noemi, you never learn!!!!!!!

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