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November 23, 2008

Since i’ve seen the poster for Encore, i have been looking and asking for just anyone to come with me to the show. i heard myself singing “the last night of the world” from saigon and “do you hear the people sing?” from lesmis while i was taking a shower this morning. i am totally dying to see the show but i just couldn’t find anyone who’d want to go with me. there is someone but can only watch it on a thursday which i find it hard to do as i get off at work by 8pm and the show starts at 830pm. with the traffic in dubai, it’s just way too impossible that i can reach there in a matter of 30mins. 🙁 why do i have to like these kinds of things anyway? if not for the fact that am just a theater-junkie, i could care less about all these shows. but knowing that West End is here and i wasn’t able to see their performance, well it already breaks my heart at the thought of it. i’ve only seen them perform twice – when they brought saigon and phantom of the opera to manila – and both those shows, i have truly enjoyed watching. oh well…….. my heart is still into pieces until that time i find someone who’d want to go with me watch it.

alex told me that my ipod is one big chaotic world. it has all sorts of genre, you’ll hear metallica, pantera, wolfgang, pearl jam, elvis, frank sinatra, beethoven, mozart, rihanna, chris brown, john legend, heart, fergie, madonna, maroon 5, nina and some songs from my favorite broadways like – Miss Saigon (sun and moon, last night of the world, american dream, heat is on in saigon, the movie in my mind), Les Miserables (i dreamed a dream, one day more, a heart full of love, do you hear the people sing, on my own), chicago (all that jazz, cell block tango, hot honey rag) and rent (seasons of love). so just from my ipod, you can tell how much i looooooove to see encore. it’s hitting 3 birds with one stone as they’re staging the acts from chicago, saigon and lesmiz. 🙁  

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