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dreaming of al maha

January 13, 2009

i want to go here – http://www.al-maha.com/

just received from our corporate mail that we’re getting discounts from this resort. the discounted price is AEd2xxx.00. yes i know that the price is still pretty steep but it’s already discounted… the resort is just so heavenly. it’s one of the premiere resorts owned by our company. am not really into posh places and would usually just save up my money for food/tours when am travelling and really won’t mind if i’ll sleep inside a cupboard or whatever. but that specific resort have captured my heart from day one. i envy the people who make a reservation on that resort, tempted to put my name on the reservation instead of theirs, yet as i hand them the voucher i think to myself – “someday…”. and i really do think that that someday has come now. the fare is only valid until 15Feb09 and that fare is half the price of the non-discounted fare. so it really is a sweet deal…. so, planning to avail of that staff discount. wait! what happened to the “frugal life” that i was planning to achieve for this year???? well, if someone can actually tell me that they can resist the breathtaking beauty of that resort and will be able to just let that 50% discount for staff slip away, then i assure you that you’ve got some major psychological problem. you need to have yourself checked. (or do i need to have myself checked?) i called up the resort and asked them if the fare is per room or per person basis, he said it’s per room and my follow up question was something very stupid for a travel agent to ask – “can we have like 4 occupants in there?” to which his reply was – “are you feeling lucky today?” hehehe. nope, that wasn’t his reply, the reply was more offending – he snorted trying to suppress his laughter and said “no”. he’s probably thinking that am probably a peasant who can’t afford an already discounted price on their overly-priced rooms. to which the answer is – yes, am a peasant who can’t afford that much. so starting today, am accepting alms from any good souls out there reading my blog.

am not selfish, i just sound like i am. :p

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  • Reply AJ February 11, 2009 at 09:28

    hi sis..my fellow dubaiates..im glad to be hear.
    .and inspired upon pondering in ur expat
    life thoughts..

    brb to read more..

    my warmest rgds,

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