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June 20, 2008

first of all, thanks to the people who are constantly reading my blogs here. i have just checked on the site meter on which terms the readers use to search for my blogsite on different search engines.

“the girl with a twisted mind”


“wordpress galatea”


just to name a few. what’s with galatea234? galatea is a greek mythology character (yes dear friends, am a geek). the tale of pygmallion and galatea left a huge mark on me when i was still in highschool, galatea was an artwork of pygmallion who’s a sculptor. the latter then asked venus’ help to transform galatea into a real human being. well, that’s just about it which i remember about that story. haha! i can’t remember what was the catch on it. hahahaha. anyway, so there goes galatea. why 234? well, apparently – galatea@yahoo.com is already taken. so i had to add a number, galatea22 is already taken (22 being my birthday), so out of my very brilliant mind – i came up with 234, for no reason at all. so there goes the tale of my handle.

i went to the gym earlier this afternoon, workout with my saddistic trainor isn’t that hard anymore. though the muscles on my stomach is still crying in pain right now, but tolerable. he made me lift weights which i really really hate doing. well…. compared to the first session, i like this one better. having a trainor is not so bad after all, it may make you AED1800++ poorer, but it’s all worth it. Free advertisement for Fitness First on my very famous blogsite, I should get credits for this. Oh and by the way, some people end up on my blog by searching “fitness first UAE”; “fitness first”; “fitness first burjuman”; “gym UAE”…. so seriously, I should really really get credits for this.

so i was talking to my friends on YM earlier, friends from the Philippines. and it was much like a grown-up conversation, haha! we’re all in different parts of the world now, well most of us. and the question thrown in on the conversation was something in the line of: “are you happy on where you are now? literally.”. and ironically, i was the only one who said “yes, am happy being here in dubai. no regrets, in fact…. am already considering setlling here for good.” the 2 other friends who are living in Singapore and Qatar said that they’re just there to earn their keep. once they’ve reached their goals, they’ll be going back to the philippines. there were some violent reactions from them, but as i have explained my reasons as to why am having such a good time here, most of them decided to come here instead. haha. well, am not closing the possibilities of having to move elsewhere if the need arises, but as of this very moment – i have no plans of going back to the philippines (don’t get me wrong, i do love my country) or even staying with my mom and sisters in the US. i am ironically happy here in dubai.

Here are the reasons why:

1. TAX-FREE: need i say more? haha! well, having worked in the philippines where your salary is already deducted of the tax (which is supposedly for the projects of the government for its people) before it even touch the palms of your hands is not entirely a good thing. it’s all so gloomy when you see your payslip, how much was deducted from your salary. it would have been fine if you really know where these taxes go, but amidst the taxes deducted from millions of filipino workers, we still suffer the congested traffic specially on a rainy season ‘coz the freakin’ government can’t solve the clogged drainage of the roads around the metro because of one reason – there is no fund for it. wtf???? so well, that’s why i like it here in dubai since i get my salary in full, no deductions.

2. INDEPENDENCE – i may sound like the prodigal daughter on this factor but seriously, i am enjoying my life here in dubai ‘coz i live on my own and i can do whatever i want to do. (like travel to europe on my own? haha! that was fun!). i am the youngest of the family, i have 3 older siblings and everybody in the family treats me like am still a little kid, incapable of my own decisions. but i always prove them otherwise. i do live on my own when i was in the philippines, renting my own place in makati city – but it is mandatory for me to visit my family every weekend. i had that gut feeling that they all think am still a little child so i had to break free and let them know that am a consenting adult now. hehehe. well, for all the non-filipino readers…. you wouldn’t understand the closely-knit family ties of a filipino family, just to give you an idea – it’s suffocating at times. i yearn for independence and dubai gave me all the independence i want (maybe too much of it…) Disclaimer: i love my family, i am still in touch with them constantly till now. haha!

3. Modern way of living: compared to other GCC countries, UAE’s not that strict. i was told before i left the philippines never to wear tight clothes in UAE, the summer dress and tops. spaghetti straps et. al. so against my will, i left everything inside my wardrobe in the philippines and brought with me lose shirts and a bit baggy pants. haha! so i came to dubai and was very conscious when i first went out of the training residence and head on to deira city centre to buy some food and change the USDs to AEDs. upon arrival at the city centre i gawked at what i saw, there it was… 2 ladies parading around the mall sans the bra and their nipples showing thru their white spaghetti-strapped tank tops. should i be wearing the clothes i left behind in the philippines and paraded around the mall with those two ladies, i’ll be considered a conservative nun. so anyways, yep! unlike the rest of the GCC countries, UAE is open-minded enough to tolerate the tank tops on a hot, humid weather.

4. JOB: that i like. :p

5. FRIENDS that i have gained.

oh well, it all boils down to this – i am at the right place at the right time, finally!


Ms. Piggy in Dubai


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