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June 11, 2008

as i have promised, this here is a blog entirely about CHUBBY. (so vain….)

how did it start?

it was a lazy friday afternoon (not so sure about the day, but am pretty sure it was a weekend), chubby buzzed out of nowhere, while i was trying to get rid of somebody else, which is an entirely different story. so chubby, amused me – ‘coz i have never met anyone who’s so computer illiterate. or maybe he was just pretending then to have a reason to talk. haha!

and then there was….

the need to be up until 3am, chubby asked if i can somehow share the grief of being up all night before he goes to the airport to fetch a friend. i then said, ok – as i found myself amused at how fast he can type the alphabet in a split second. i was drawn to his idiotic and childish games, i thought i was smart – ’till i met him.

then something happened..

we agreed to meet in a place where the ducks dwell. i was an hour late, my bad…. i have a good excuse though, no cabs. really!!!!!! no cabs!!!!! then my phone’s battery went low, had no way of contacting him. and just like serendipity, i was walking in front of the coffee shop where he was headed to buy himself a 2nd cup of capuccino. (serendipity my ass, haven’t even seen that movie). so then, we spent another 2 hours talking about his feet…. the farmer’s feet. and also, during that time i figured that he’s not that idiotic at all…. though he confessed that he used the duck as an excuse to cover up his obscene thoughts for that night. ducks flying at people? lame!

and then there was…

the long weekend. which right after it, considered him a wanker which he openly admits now. haha! well, in fairness to him, he was still a gentleman… and a wanker. haha! just how odd can it be?

after several months…

the cows came to dubai… no other choice but him. never really thought that the cow is the way towards the friendship. probably something about the “moo’s” that they do. then there was the flowers to piss me off. but generally, i figured it was his peace offering for being a wanker. haha! forgiven. so from that moment on, i became the official travel agent/turtle/shopping buddy. and he became many things, chubby/stallion/dancing king/gossip/wanker. he’s the type of guy who will lean over to you whenever you receive a text/call to see who it was or what the message is about. i mean, wtf??? i thought girls do that. not guys. i was so close to asking him one day – how gay are you???? but also, he’s someone who can suddenly shift his mood from a dorky clown to dr.phil, ready to give advices which does makes sense – sometimes. also, he’ll call you in the middle of the day just to ask what’s the deal about the girl he’s liking. like he doesn’t know already. whenever am having my unlucid moments about another one of his species, he’ll be there to back me up and offer to beat the hell out of the guy who’s becoming a wanker even if he hasn’t beaten anybody up in the entire 32 years of his life.

he’s got a thing for – girls with too many issues, guitars (bwahahahaahahahahaha), green lawn with little holes, yoda, pepperoni pizza, diet sodas, rhum, potato wedges as fillings for bread, ketchup and mayonnaise, kfc, icecreams, young guns II (gave me a hard time with that one), cooking FEBs. haha!

he can be a bit vain, conceited and dreamy. a self-proclaimed dancing king who will someday be on stage playing his wonderful guitar during his first ever concert and after beating michael jackson’s record of selling the most albums in the entire history of virgin megastore. a guy who’s got no clue about the theory about guys going to thailand for vacation…. hahaha!

but all in all, he’s an ok guy. can be tolerated.

oh and by the way, he eats well…. very very well….. :p

thus the alias…..


(good save hey? :p)

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