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April 14, 2011

I have so many crappy things in mind right now and I feel the need to exhaust all of it out on you just to relieve myself from all these things. Not that it will matter to you, but I just roll like that.

** I met up with a long lost friend yesterday who was with his plastic surgeon friend. I asked the plastic surgeon the question which apparently he usually gets whenever someone finds out his profession: which part of my body needs work? The answer to my question? * drumroll please *

1. nose job – apparently, my nostrils are a bit huge for my small nose. Maybe because I pick my nose when I’m bored. 🙂
2. cheek bones – I don’t know what’s wrong with my cheek bones but apparently, it needs to protrude more.
3. boobs – I don’t need to expound further because we all know that i need a boob job as mine looks barely like a mosquito bite.
4. legs – Because my legs are so huge you’d think it has a life of its own.

He didn’t mention anything about my tummy, he said it’s not that big (yet) and can be maintained by a good diet. A few hours after he said that, I ate two plates of rice. YUM!

** I hate the fact that I am no longer going to have Friday and Saturday off. Sucks the life out of me. No more 2-night stays in hotels somewhere in Dubai. No more planning of weekender getaways outside of the country. And no more “siesta” time for me on Fridays. It really sucks because as far as I can remember, that was one of the conditions given to me when they transferred me to that outlet. On a positive note, I’m still lucky for having 2 days off when some of the outlets only have one. Well this split off (WED and FRI) made a complete overhaul on my outlook towards work – I’ve never been more persistent in finding an internal vacancy for any position which I won’t mind doing even if I’m off. The current job is stressing me out too much already that even a simple split-offs (which isn’t that a big of a deal) makes me want to throw my arms up in the air, lie down on the floor and bawl like a two-year old kid. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my job (and the perks that come along with it). It’s just that, I’ve been doing this for 7 years now and it has become a very monotonous routine for me every single day. That’s probably why I’m really getting bored of it now and simple things like these that doesn’t conform to what I want/need stresses me out in a huge way! I used to be really excited to go to work but now, it all feels like a big BLAH to me. I want a different challenge. A different job description. A different work environment. Well ok, I just want a change from my routine. I really really want something to do with running an event. I’ve always been interested in doing such kinds of things. It’s more stressful I guess but I’d love on to take that challenge.

** It’s funny though that today, 4 of my colleagues from different outlets called me up to ask for my advise on what to do with the chaos that they’re facing at work. System workarounds, system entries, invoicing documents and issuing manual tickets. Well, I’ve never really considered myself as an expert and I just chuckle whenever I hear myself telling them what they should do and I sound like I really know what I’m doing. It’s just funny to hear myself all grown-up. Ha Ha Ha.

** Speaking of grown-ups, a friend told me that I’m a teenager born in an earlier date. And I replied to her in a matter-of-factly way (duh??) that the end of the world is coming, might as well live like a teenager without having the need to worry about anything but being and looking cool right? Marriage? What’s that? Kids? That’s me! Finances? There’s nothing to worry about that because I have no money anyway! Well, all I can say is life is too short to worry about things that’s why I don’t get married and I don’t have kids. The finances I can handle because I’m used to being poor anyway. Unlike the passenger below who’s got no real sense of what’s going on in real life, I think he’s living in his own make-believe world.

Passenger: can you make sure that my seat is not on the sunny side of the plane?

A good response to this would be:
Absolutely! Because that’s what travel agents really do. We move the sun, moon, the stars… in fact, the whole constellation just to fit our client’s needs. Now, do you want it to be day or night when you arrive to your destination? I can also arrange that for you.

A better response to this would be: Not a problem, where would you like to be? Cargo or the lavatory?

The best response to this would be: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! (that’s the sound of my samurai sword cutting the guy’s head off)

Right, it’s a Thursday! What are you doing there sitting on your ass reading my blog? Go out and have a GRRRREAT weekend! Woot woot!

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