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March 6, 2009

It was the usual slow Saturday and when you’ve got nothing to do, you will really come across some interesting things just like this. It was from a men’s magazine – yes, a men’s magazine, which I find more interesting to read than a women’s magazines these days. Without any further ado, here’s a list of the tell-tale signs that a man is selling himself short if he’s dating girls with these attributes. So girls, make sure you don’t do these things. :p
1. You’re always dumbing down conversations around her.

And it’s not just her – it’s her entire social universe. Her friends, her family and her coworkers all seem to have an extremely limited vocabulary. If your cat can match her wit, it’s one of the signs you’re too good for her.
2. She’s a cling on.

We should never complain when a woman feels the need to be full on with the old bodily contact, but there’s a time and a place missus. Wriggling up to you like a bear with an insatiable itch all the time not only makes for a stomach curdling sight to those around you it also screams “over needy”. She’s the sort to have names for your unborn and grand plans of a joint account. Such an over-amorous and forward-planning girl will only become more suffocating later.

3. None of your friends like her.

Your friends don’t like her and they seem to have independently verified, double-blind proof, that she’s awful. You’ve spent a lot of time cultivating your social circle to serve as just this type of guard when you’re in completely over your head, so trust your safety net. If she can’t make a simple conversation with your friends, you’re too good for her.
4. You have to encourage her.

If, on a regular basis, you find yourself encouraging your girlfriend to go out and really experience life outside the couch or mall, you’re in all likelihood too good for her. There are certain people for whom ambition or enthusiasm for the future are just plain anathema. You’re not going to be her catalyst and all you’re doing now is wasting valuable energy and focus that you should be spending on your own life. Move on.

5. She can’t pay for anything.
When it comes time to pick up the cheque for a dinner, a movie or just about anything else the two of you are undertaking she is nowhere to be found. There are two types of women for whom this is a problem: The first is just oblivious to the fact that she should actually pitch into the relationship. The second is just without the ability and just doesn’t seem to have any income. Life’s just far too short to waste time on either of them.
6. She’s amazed by what you take for granted.

At a certain point in life, certain realities set in and some things are just taken for granted. After college, a paycheque certainly falls into this category. If your girlfriend is dumbstruck by your ability to garner income, you’re staring into the abyss of someone who cannot hold a job. This may be a warning sign of future problems. Other things that she’s awestruck by include paying bills, utilities or credit cards on a monthly basis. These should all let you know you’re too good for her.

7. She has poor hygiene.

If you’ve noticed on numerous occasions that there is a certain unpleasant odour emanating from your betrothed, it may be time to move on. Some people are merely untidy while others endanger your health. You can try mentioning in passing that there seems to me something amiss, but by and large, you’re going to be facing a recurring and uphill battle if you want her to change.

8. She is devoid of natural curiosity.

The universe is a strange and mysterious place. Every day you come across phenomena that nearly cry out for further explanation. At least you thought so, until you met your current girlfriend. If you’ve been together for a while and you’ve never heard her mention travel or a book she has read, you’re in trouble. Conversations based upon first-hand experience from your day are both powerfully limiting and dull.

9. She gets in trouble with the law.

There is a time when authority figures are challenged and boundaries are defined. It’s called adolescence. It’s when your juvenile record can be sealed and expunged. If she’s still finding herself on the business side of a DUI conviction, that’s just reckless and is endangering your future. It shows that she hasn’t developed a sense of what is right or wrong, nor does she have any respect for others, yourself included.

10. Her best asset is her looks.

Relationships are a growing concern. You’re supposed to find other qualities that endear her to you beyond the initial physical attraction. If you haven’t found anything like that and in fact have found many qualities that the good looks are covering up for, then you’re too good for her.

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