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800-PIZZA Delivery Review

December 29, 2012

For every household, there should be one go-to restaurant which delivers to you whenever you feel lazy which for us happens at least 5 times a month. One highly recommended place is the 800-PIZZA – 800-74992, bookmark their website and save their number on your phone. You’re welcome.

We’ve tried it a dozen times and their efficiency is just remarkable every time. To start off, they have highly-trained staff in the call center number. They speak fluent and perfect English with no accent whatsoever. So you won’t have to repeat your order over and over again and then finally getting something that was totally not the food that you’ve requested. Second, they have this system wherein they already know how you like your food based on your previous orders (sixth sense!). Third, they will send you an SMS once your food is for delivery indicating the name of the driver for your reference and your order value. Lastly, they usually tell me that the food will be delivered in about 30 to 45 minutes but we usually get it within 10-15 minutes (I live in Al Barsha so that probably explains it). If that’s not efficiency then tell me what is. And if you’re THAT lazy to even dial the number on your phone, you can even order online. I haven’t tried it yet though.



The food is also amazing! I usually order the normal Italian thin crust pizza and I am always very satisfied no matter what flavor of pizza it may be. I have not tried ordering their pasta though but I just might try it one of these days:

Our pasta is made at the time of ordering, we don’t use any pre-cooked or pre-boiled pasta, we don’t make short cuts in-fact we might require some extra time to prepare our dishes as they are made fresh from scratch, we are promoters of the “slow food” concept being it in its preparation and consumption. So if you are looking for a fast food type of place then you might find a lot of those around but certainly not us.

For their locations, please click here.

Do you have a go-to restaurant for delivery which you think can probably top 800-PIZZA off? Let me know so I can try it too. 🙂

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