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2011 will be a year of thrift-traveling!

January 19, 2011

i have outgrown making new year’s resolutions (i don’t ever stick with the plan anyway) so i’m just going to throw it out there what 2011 will be a THRIFT-TRAVEL YEAR for me. no, it’s not a resolution… i will punch anyone with their own fist those who’d say that this is a resolution.

i realized earlier this morning over a cold cup of coffee and my morning breathe that i’m young, free and without responsibilities (talking about a nagging husband or a child to support). and starting very soon, i’ll be debt-free from all my credit card bills with the help of my “business-minded” aunt and i am currently an owner of a 100 sq.m. lot in the philippines (well ok, not until about 24 months that i have to pay for it but who cares! it’s under my name now! woot woot!) so, i have a property and free from debt. a good clean slate if you must say and i’ve already punched two holes in my credit card so i won’t be able to use it at all, (right, right.. i have one new credit card from citifreakingbank lying inside my wardrobe waiting to be activated which i am PLANNING not to activate at all OH.DEAR.GOD.). so my financial woes is finally over which is the very reason why i didn’t travel much in 2010.

now here comes the funny part, my feet is itching to travel. boo hoo! but now, i’d be a lot more wiser and cheaper. i’m not going to throw 6 countries (with euro currency) in 15 days in my itinerary anymore, no! i refuse to do that! perhaps 3? maybe, just a maybe.

well, what do i have to lose? for as long as i’m not going to put myself in the same debt-full self (read: credit cards are evil!!!!) and as long as i’d keep up with the installment plan for that property in the philippines then i’m all good. i can do it! and i will do it! i just came to this realization that i don’t want to be one of those people who’d wait until all their children graduated from college before traveling the world. i’d do it now since i don’t have arthritis yet nor alzheimer’s. besides, i need to take advantage of the benefit i’m getting from my company: FREE TICKETS. i never know until when i can keep my job since everything in life are all temporary anyway, so why not make the most out of it?

where and when i’m going? i’d rather keep it to myself for now as it’s just going to be a slap on my face if none of it pushed thru (this is not a resolution dammit!) oh well, i’ll just have my fingers crossed all throughout this year. 🙂

on a totally different and unrelated note:

i am dying to have a curly hair. those kind which just flows magically with endless waves upto its tips? something like this:

isn't she pretty?

straight hair is boring, flat and lifeless. curly hair is sexy, pretty and easier to manage. it’s a wash and wear kind of thing. a colleague told me that i’m the only filipino she knows who’s hair isn’t as straight as an arrow which is another reason why i want to have a curly hair – i don’t want to go with the norm. it’s so easy to spot a filipino inside the metro train. two things: 1. hair is as straight as a needle or 2. ears are protruding. an american friend told me about that ears thing while we were eating inside a restaurant where all the attendants were filipinos with their hair put up in a bun. actually he’s right, all of their ears were protruding. :p well, i can no longer do anything with my filipino ears so at least do something with my hair.

it’s either curly hair or this:

sexy short!

i don’t know, the just-got-out-of-bed look just looks cute.. who am i kidding? i’m just lazy to do anything with my hair after i get out of the shower. i don’t even own a comb nor a brush. oh well….

i now leave you a photo of myself before my successful sex change operation:

yes, i was a lady-boy. :p

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