Recovery day….

Time to clean up my act. Mobile numbers erased, YM/MSN contacts deleted – from this moment on, i’ll be a good girl. Not that I haven’t been, but you know what I mean. Or rather, I know what I mean. :p

Why does the Bon Jovi concert be held in Abu Dhabi???? How the hell am I supposed to go there? All the hopes and dreams of seeing Bon Jovi live in concert is crashed now. Livin’ on a prayer is my currrent ringtone now. That’s the most I can get from all these Bon Jovi hoobalous. Oh well, boo hoo for me.

Went out last night, to sho chos in Dubai Marine – which is unbelievably full for a sunday night. They were playing retro music, not that I can relate to all of the songs but it’s good to hear Bette Davis Eyes played in a bar. :p Sho Chos is definitely one of the “it” places here in Dubai specially on a Sunday night. Ended the night at 4am. Crap!

I always tell myself, never get drunk if am working the next day. But do I listen? Have I ever listened? At 4am this morning, as soon as I walked into the room – I found myself clutching the edge of the toilet seat like my whole life depended on it. Praying to the porcelain gods once again. Not to mention my whole day at work. I was grouchy and not myself. Hangovers at work is the biggest time b*tch. The biggest!

Oh well, need to get enough sleep for tonight. Recovery day…..

The recovering alcoholic.


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  • Hustler May 20, 2008 at 18:46

    “I always tell myself, never get drunk if am working the next day”
    these words are nice to here from youself or from others … but it will never give any affect from going a bar or club to have some fun… and listen some good music … and in the end will have bad and funny day at work … only will get to know the next day, when you friends talk about u 🙂

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