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10 Things I Want To Do Before I Leave Dubai

September 22, 2009

1. Stay at Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa for 3days and 2 nights. – ok well, I know it’s asking for a bit too much but I get a 50% discount for being an employee of my employer all year round on this luxury desert hotel. (how I love the perks, not that 50% is enough discount for me to afford this AED4000 per night hotel). Each villa has its own pool and the cost already includes full board meal and two desert-based activities. Oh well, maybe if I win the National Bonds or Mashreq Millionaire, then I can go to this serene hotel which banned the presence of children below 10years (works well for someone who really doesn’t like screaming children running around the hotel).

I would have said a stay at the Burj Al Arab but seriously, I think the hotel is just ridiculously expensive. I have had the opportunity to have a show-around of this hotel and well frankly, it didn’t give me an itch to stay in this horrendously priced hotel (which I think is way overrated). Sure I was impressed by the gold things surrounding you (the elevator walls, the mirror frames, the stair railings etc. etc.) but…. Al Maha still has it for me.


2. Go on a Hatta trek – I just want to experience dipping my feet in one of the wadis of the trek. :p


3. Take a swim at Wadi Wurrayah – just a bit of my curious-cat case, I want to see the only nature-made waterfall in the whole of UAE. Living in this country where everything is man-made, places like these are majestic for my eyes.


4. Go on a Karting Race at Dubai Autodrome – am not much of a good driver (I have yet to get myself a valid UAE driver’s license) but it would be fun to drive one of those go-karts inside the Autodrome. It’s AED100 for a 15-minute session, schweet!!!!


5. Go quad-biking on Dubai desert. – a good friend of mine told me numerous times that he will give me a call and take me with him to one of his quad-biking weekend with his friends, but he never did (you know who you are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir……..). It has always tickled my curiosity as to how it would feel like to ride an ATV, so the Dubai desert is probably the best way to do it. I’m already picturing myself climbing up to one of those sand dunes on high speed and making the ATV fly and land on the farthest possible point from the dunes. (of course, it didn’t hurt me at all in my imagination…). Oh well, someday when I finally receive a call from that friend.


6. Go snorkeling in Musandam. – Musandam, Oman is just a stone’s throw-away from Dubai and I have been planning on that since the start of my stay here so why has it never happened? Nobody wants to go with me.  I want to see the wild dolphins (and swim with them if possible) and I want to see some real and colorful coral reef (not like the lifeless sea of the UAE). Oh well….


7. Have a white and sexy yacht party. – am planning on having one on my birthday, hopefully I’ll be able to loot the right amount of money from someone to fulfill this plan. I will invite all my friends to have a “white” party with me and I really mean it when I say that everybody should wear white. On top of it all, there should be noone wearing something which covers more than ¼ of their body parts during this white and sexy yacht party. Of course, the sexy part will commence after the yacht has sailed far from where the Dubai police can see us, to avoid any inconveniences. :p


8. Go skiing in Ski Dubai. – sad to say, I haven’t been here yet. I was torn between ice skating in Dubai Mall and skiing in MOE, the latter tickled my fancy more.


9. Take part of Dubai World Cup. – am not into horses or anything (the only horse encounter I’ve had was the occasional Tagaytay and Baguio summer get-away in the Philippines and for someone who’s an idiot when it comes to horse riding, I am pretty good at it, I mean the horses follow my lead when I turn the ropes to the left or right and it usually runs faster when I want him to… so I would say, not really bad.) But am not going to attend this event for the races, I just want to see the funny hats the guests will be wearing for this event. :p


10. Watch a live Dubai Rugby Sevens Match. – I have no idea about how the game is being played let alone the teams playing. I just want to see the Sevens arena in Al Ain road getting the action and to see the Rugby Rock concert on the final day. I’d probably cheer on both teams while am there or probably cheer on the team with the largest number of cute players. Woot Woow!!!!!

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  • Reply galatea234 September 25, 2009 at 10:11

    i will try to watch this years… tickets are already on sale. 🙂

  • Reply Barney Harrison September 24, 2009 at 16:19

    You gotta go to the Sevens it’s AMXZING!!

  • Reply galatea234 September 23, 2009 at 07:08

    you can tAke a 3day transit visa here…. it costs around USD75 for the 3days visa… 🙂

  • Reply francesca in france September 23, 2009 at 04:05

    mga kikay(cute) wishes!

    i would love to do the same.

    I passed by dubai only when transit to manila, meaning hanggang airport lang waaaahhh!

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