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January 6, 2009

it’s not fair! why am i the only one suffering from whatever it is which happened earlier? why am i the only one affected by it? why am i still crying????

it’s so hard to make a decision right now. either ways, i’ll be on the losing end.

i’ve been thinking – doing the right thing will cause pain just the same (or maybe even more?)  as opposed to doing the wrong thing. is it safe to say then that i can just do the wrong thing as it will have the same end result anyway?

my head is aching. my eyes are swollen. my nose is all red. and millions of thoughts are swirling inside my mind making me dizzy altogether.

just like the previous occassions, i’ll sleep thru this. hoping that tomorrow will be a better one.


can someone just stab me now so i don’t have to deal with this in the morning????

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