Nice to e-meet you, my name is Noemi. A blogger/travel industry professional who caught the travel bug at an early age. 

I hope you’ll stick around and join me as I explore this fabulous world that we live in. 

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The Broadway Tower, Worcestershire, Cotswold, England

Enjoy The Views From The Broadway Tower

The 65ft Broadway Tower sits atop Broadway Hill, 1,024 above sea level making it the second highest point of the Cotswolds. It offers commanding views of 16 counties from its viewpoint.

Snowshill, Gloucestershire, Cotswold, England

Beautiful Cotswold Villages: Snowshill

Snowshill is a charming Cotswold village located in Gloucestershire and is famously known in pop culture as the location for the winter scenes of Bridget Jones’ Diaries.

Travels Around the World

Life in London

Villa di Geggiano, Chiswick, London, England

A Fabulous Italian Meal at Villa di Geggiano

Villa di Geggiano gives you a taste of Tuscany at the heart of West London. A stunning restaurant serving Italian dishes handcrafted by their maestros using traditional techniques in food preparation.

St John, London, England

Following Bourdain’s Footsteps to St John

I finally had a chance to dine at this no-frill Michelin-starred restaurant by the famous Fergus Henderson and I must say, Bourdain’s claim of it being the restaurant of his dreams is valid.

The Norbiton, Kingston, London, England

Pubs in London: The Norbiton

Their inviting pub garden is a reason enough to visit The Norbiton which is one of our local pubs but the pizza that their kitchen whips out is also just as stunning. Definitely one of those rare pubs that actually serve great food!

Twelves and Eights, London, England

Twelves And Eights

There’s a new tube in town only this one’s called tubesteaks. Twelves and Eights’ hotdogs are made in-house and loaded with all the trimmings of a typical Chicago Dog, this sure is for people with a huge appetite.

Day Trips from London

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, England

Day Trips From London: Blenheim Palace

The beautiful Blenheim Palace is a World Heritage Site with over 300 years of history and is the only non-royal countryhouse in England to hold the title of a Palace. It’s a stunning place to wander around in.

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