Things To Do in Corfu: Let The Beauty of Cape Drastis Take Your Breathe Away

October 20, 2013
Cape Drastis Beach Corfu

After visiting Canal d’Amour, we headed off to Cape Drastis. I’ve no idea what I will see there because the boyfriend practically did the whole itinerary for us. I just showed him the photos of places that I wanted to see and he will then look for it on a map and will plan our day from there. Next thing I know, I am facing a very beautiful scenery which I thought I will only see in photos. How lucky am I? Really! 🙂

Cape Drastis is in the northern part of Corfu surrounded by lush vegetation and many small islands and beaches which can only be accessed thru the sea. Of course we didn’t have time for that and frankly, I really do not have any plans of taking another organized tour after the experience we had in Lefkada. I also do not have any inclinations of hiring our own motorboat because I’m afraid of getting lost in the middle of the sea. Yes, I’m weird. So we drove ourselves there and I was quite surprised that there were not much cars parked in the area. When we started our hike (which isn’t much), we came across a lot of people who were already on their way back and that was quite odd for me. Why were they all going back already? Then I reached the cape and I realized why:

Cape Drastis Beach Corfu

Cape Drastis a very small cape and when we arrived, there were already 7 people camped there. From the looks of it, they came accessed it from the sea (see the small boat on the photo). It wasn’t really crowded but because it’s so small, it seems like you will be invading each others’ personal space and I really do not want that. So I basically just took some photos and dipped my feet in the water just to see how cold it was (very cold!) and then left.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a nice area to stay in specially if you like the peace and quiet and having the cape all to yourself. There were a lot of cliff jumpers as well in the area, I couldn’t get a good view of them though from where I was standing. If you’re one of them adrenaline junkies, you might love this place as well. You should probably go there early just so you’ll be able to secure a spot for your own sun bed or beach chair. Don’t forget to bring your own drinks as I’ve only seen one small store just before you enter the cape and it doesn’t look well-equipped.

Cape Drastis Beach Corfu

From us with love. 🙂

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Cape Drastis, Corfu, Greece

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