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Things To Do in Rome: Visit the Holiest Catholic Site – St Peter’s Basilica

January 19, 2014
St Peter's Basilica in Vatican Rome
Now how do I even describe St Peter’s Basilica ? Where do I begin? Am I even allowed to do that? Me, a lowly person – to describe the greatest church in the whole history of Christianity? I’ll sure try but I assure you, whatever I’m going to tell you right now and whatever photos I will post – doesn’t even come close to what you will actually see/feel if you go there yourself.

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Italy, Rome

When in Rome

May 13, 2008
Started the day at 8am and went straight to the Vatican City. I wanted to attend the mass since that’s the most smart thing to do when you’re in Rome and a catholic. Although the Pope is in the US at the time, so he won’t be the one celebrating the mass. But anyways, it’s the Church of all Churches (Catholic that is) so I had to attend the mass. Arrived at the Vatican square, tired and surpr

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