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Random Musings

Day 13: Of the worst and the best.

September 5, 2011
We started our day by of course, having our breakfast. The thing I like most about being in Asia is that they serve rice for breakfast. Woo hoo! Hahaha. For all my Western friends, rice is breakfast of the champions – not cereals. Cereals are for the faint of hearts I would say. Anyway, so after my fried rice and chicken for breakfast we started our city tour which would turn out to be the worst ever. I don&#

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Random Musings

Day 12: From Europe to Asia.

September 4, 2011
Day 11 of my sweet and very short vacation consisted of me traveling from Halkidiki to Thessaloniki airport to catch the flight going to Athens which will connect with a flight going back to Dubai. Whew! We woke up an hour earlier because the boyfriend wanted to take a different route from what we took going to Halkidiki to give me a different view on the way back to Thessaloniki. It was a long stretch of mountai

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Malaysia, Singapore

Singapore/Malaysia Tour

January 17, 2007
Dec. 01, ’06: Amidst the storm and the thick cloud hovering over the city, we we’re cramped inside our crosswind on the way to the airport to catch the 0830 flight to Singapore of Philippine Airlines. It was 3am at the time, and as many of you know I am not an early riser. Definitely not a morning person. Hungry and grouchy as we made our way thru the strong winds at the South Luzon Expressway. As we ar

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